All of the successful holistic methods and protocols targeting chronic diseases advocate first a cleansing or detoxification, often with lifestyle changes. The cleansing/detox is mainly split into two targets, cellular cleansing and bowel cleansing.

Our perfected Cellular and Bowel Detoxification Protocol has four key, synergistic components:

  • Glutathione helps the excretion of toxins from within the cells to the blood stream;
  • EDTA in the blood (EDTA never enters the cells) grabs the toxins and eliminates them from the blood;
  • StopReabsorb/activated charcoal stays in the gut and keeps the toxins in the bowel movement for safe and fast elimination;
  • StemDetox fights the bugs (chronic infections), enhances microcirculation, provides mineral replacements, opens up fat cells, and controls inflammation.

While EDTA chelation targets only the toxic heavy metals, our Protocol mobilizes all of the toxins faster and safer for a highly effective elimination.

This protocol promises to be superior to other methods used for detoxification: IV chelation; infrared sauna; bowel cleanses; coffee enema; foot bath; oral chelation; (EDTA only) chelation suppositories; zeolite; herbal detox; even oxidation therapies (e.g. ozone) or laser therapies could be added to this list since all of them raise the level of glutathione (up-regulate glutathione production) and that is considered to be the key reason for their effectiveness.

When the production of Detoxamin was shut down in the US by the FDA (the company subsequently moved the production to a facility in Pakistan that does not meet North American standards), I decided to come up with two new and much improved ‘Detoxamin replacement’ products.

The professional grade EDTA2.0 (2000mg) has the absolute highest level of EDTA among all of the chelation suppositories available anywhere for the lowest price, based on the amount of EDTA in the products. One box of EDTA2.0 is as effective as 20 IV chelations in removing toxins.

The other chelation suppository is ToxDetox (600mg glutathione and 1600mg EDTA) that is superior to all other type of chelations, including IV and oral chelation. This is due to the powerful synergy between glutathione and EDTA that according to a recent study resulted in 3.8 times more toxins removed, compared to the EDTA only application1. One box of ToxDetox could be compared in effectiveness to about 30 IV chelations, due to glutathione’s ability to mobilize all kinds of toxins, even beyond the toxic heavy metals. ToxDetox has opened up a new chapter in the history of chelation.

If we have to pick a single molecule, among all of the natural or man-made molecules, to clean and restore the cells, it should be glutathione. Glutathione is the single, most powerful, most important natural antioxidant we have in our cells. But as we age, the numbers go down and replenishment is highly beneficial. All chronic diseases are associated with low level of glutathione. There are no exceptions.

Why StopReabsorb is the Best Bowel Cleanse

A careful review of the scientific literature confirms that activated charcoal, the ingredient of StopReabsorb, is superior over other ‘cleansing’ products, such as zeolite, or any combination of herbs. While activated charcoal can be taken long-term, every day, resulting even in a 40% extension of life-span (in rats2), none of the other ingredients or products show the type of effectiveness, safety and long-term benefits, activated charcoal provides. Unfortunately charcoal still remains a ‘poor cousin’ since it doesn’t generate marketing dollars like the other products do.

When you order your EDTA2.0 or ToxDetox, you automatically receive a free bottle of StopReabsorb activated charcoal capsules) which is never absorbed, and instead shortens the detoxification period by binding large amounts of toxins to make sure they are actually excreted with the bowel movement, instead of being reabsorbed from the colon again and again. It also has unique, natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.

As the detoxification goes on over several months, your liver gradually ‘wakes up’ and mobilizes all kinds of toxins, including pesticides, PCBs, organic toxins, solvents, drug residues, etc. StopReabsorb helps in eliminating the toxins by keeping them from getting reabsorbed once they reach the gut. As the toxic heavy metal load is decreased, the elimination of a very broad range of toxins is increased by the improved natural detox work of the liver. Therefore, StopReabsorb is equally important at the beginning and closer to the end (and beyond) the detoxification protocol since the activated charcoal’s affinity to organic toxins is strong.

For maintenance, take StopReabsorb every night, ToxDetox every week, and StemDetox whenever your immune system is compromised.

Some of the unexpected, positive benefits of ToxDetox have interestingly been noticed in Alzheimer’s; dementia; prostate enlargement and cancer; MS; Lyme disease (EDTA removes the biofilm, glutathione has broad benefits, and StemDetox corners Borellia); cardiovascular disease; removal of plaque; Parkinson’s; and the elimination of menopausal symptoms.


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  2. Effect of enterosorption on animal lifespan. Frolkis VV, et al. Biomater Artif Cells Artif Organs, 1989; 17(3):341-51. Institute of Gerontology, AMS USSR.
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