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The Anti-Biofilm Protocol has made a huge difference in my life

I have been on the Anti-Biofilm Protocol for 3 months now and the quality of my life has increased dramatically.

I endured 5 years of intense symptoms including vertigo, Supraventricular Tachycardia, cervicogenic headaches, drop attacks, chronic neck pain and diminished lung capacity upon exertion. When I was finally diagnosed with ectopic calcification of the connective tissues (atlanto-occipital membrane and stylo-hyoid ligaments bi-lateraly) and in a position that was in conflict with neurovascular structures, but no clear method to cure it, I researched all I could until I stumbled upon the Bio-film (Nanobacteria) theory and Dr. Janossy’s protocol.

It has made a huge difference in my life. The symptoms have all but disappeared and my range of motion has returned to pre-infection levels. Even something as simple as swimming, which I was unable to do before because of the head turning motion, is now available for me to enjoy again.

It is high time that the MD community, as well as the ND community, start opening their eyes, ears and minds to the existence of Biofilm infections. It is also time for the natural Pharmacies to find out about the Oradix line of products, so that they are more readily available to us patients.

Thank you Oradix and Thank You Dr. Janossy.

Robert Giardino, Vancouver, BC, Canada

After three weeks, the warts started to gradually disappear

For the past few years, I have been suffering from viral warts on my hands, with several failed attempts at having them removed through freezing and various lotions etc. I started taking your EDTA chelation product and after three weeks, the warts started to gradually disappear, and after 6 weeks they had completely gone. It has now been two months since and there have been no signs of them re-appearing or no visible marks or scars.

There is also a noticeable improvement in my skin and energy levels since taking a course of your EDTA chelation product, and have experienced weight loss of four pounds over six weeks of taking it.

I would recommend your EDTA chelation product, and will continue to use it in the future.
I feel there is a chance I could have benefited more from using this product if I consumed healthier foods and more water.

T., - Glasgow, UK

I changed over to your EDTA chelation product about a month ago

I had ‘age spots’ back of my hand – actinic keratosis and I scratched one on the back of my hand yesterday and it just popped of like a ‘scab’ would if you had cut yourself. I jaw – dropped and tried another and it popped off, then another, I had about 16 of these ugly things that were very visible, there are others that are almost invisible and very flat and pale and small.

I won’t try to hide my hands so much anymore.

I think they began as I had to take and develop our own x-rays in remote areas and had to change the developing chemicals so I believe this is what started the skin damage as well as scrubbing with heavy duty disinfectants as we were trained to do small surgeries and emergency deliveries, trauma etc. I changed over to your EDTA chelation product about a month ago.

Cathrine – UK

I feel renewed in the stomach area

I feel renewed in the stomach area, as I was diagnosed some time back with a hernia. But, the tightening in the stomach and the loss of additional fat in the cells there too has left me feeling much different than before.

I attribute this to the combination of healing and fat removal from the process.

Craigs – Toronto, Canada

I’m not tired any more, I’m in a good mood

I work in a Casino and it tires me after working for 24 hours, also draining in my mental capacity. I was always tired and uninterested to do anything. I had psoriasis, headache, and painful joints and couldn’t sleep well.

However, since I take your EDTA chelation product, everything became different. I feel much better. I’m not tired any more, I’m in a good mood, and my skin is fast improving, and most importantly, the pains I had are gone. I drink much more, 3.5 – 5 liter water per day, and this is a great progress since I drunk a liter per day max. Also I take your EDTA chelation product only for the last 27 days, I feel super!

I’ve lost some weight and feel that my body is lighter. I await the further changes with much anticipation.

R.Erika, - Budapest, Hungary

I have much more energy and I feel great

I started to take your EDTA chelation product five weeks ago. Within the first two weeks I experienced some of the side effects of detoxification (headache, increased bowel movements, being tired), but it is over by now.

I have much more energy and I feel great. When the question comes: ‘How are you?’ – I can honestly answer with a resounding ‘Absolutely great!’ answer.

I had migraine headaches over the months that were extremely painful, even if I had them for seconds. But I didn’t have any of these over the last two weeks. And the doctors couldn’t explain it why.

Ladies! My aging skin that required much money to address (without any meaningful results) is improving fast.

I’ve never had in 39 years such balanced (mentally and physically) periods I had now.

L.E. – Budapest, Hungary

I definitely feel lighter inside

I’ve started to take your EDTA chelation product only two weeks ago. However, I already experienced such profound changes that I’ve never had.

I’m not hungry, and I don’t desire chocolates and carbohydrates, yet, I was dying to have these daily. I eat less now and I’m not hungry. I don’t really know if I’ve lost some weight, but

I definitely feel lighter inside.

I have improved digestion. I could never really drink a lost. I drank 3 to 4 caps of water daily, with difficulties. Now I just want to drink all the time, altogether about 2,5 to 3 liter of water per day.

My aging skin is fast improving.
I always had a headache when the weather was changing. But not any more.

B.J. – Budapest, Hungary

I’m not tired any more after eating something

I’m 33 years old and I went through a cleansing protocol 6 years ago. In spite of this, I had some headache and extra tiredness at the beginning. But these were lifted in a month and a half.

I’ve lost 4 kilos in about 7 weeks. I feel much better and I take care of my body differently. I experience now an increased need for physical activities and I’m willing to respond to this need. I don’t feel being bloated after having some food, – everything feels normal. I’m not tired any more after eating something. Consequently, I managed to stop drinking my usual café (2 to three per day) about two to three weeks ago, – that I always needed. It seems that my body ‘automatically’ desires now the better quality foods and drinks.

H.K. – Budapest, Hungary

I feel 20 years younger all of a sudden

I want you to know that since taking your Toxdetox I don’t feel any pain in my legs, I walk a lot better, get up out of a chair much easier and I feel 20 years younger all of a sudden. Thank you for this product.

Marilyn (65) - Toronto

Since starting your Toxdetox product one month ago has much more energy

Therese (45) Scotland – has Multiple Sclerosis – Since starting your Toxdetox product one month ago has much more energy. This time last year Therese was on her back in bed.

Therese (45)

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