Mask? On your mouth or on your cells?
  • A recent Danish study questions the value of the mask to avoid Covid.[1]
  • Another thought-provoking study reviewed the benefits of mask usage and hospital admissions across Tennessee (population: 6.8 million).[2]
  • In areas of less than 25% of mask usage, the Covid hospital admission was slightly higher; however, there was no difference between 50% or over 75% of mask usage.

While the debate about masks rages on, I like to focus on putting a ‘mask’ on the respiratory mucosa.

Potassium Iodide Blocks Viral Entry

Oradix Potassium Iodide, KI, 100mg, 120 caps, Big Family PackPotassium iodide prevents viral entry inside the mucosa along the respiratory tract.[3]

A fascinating US study confirms

“the identification of a new prophylactic or therapeutic approach, achieved by the administration of a single dose of 130 mg of oral potassium iodide to prevent or ameliorate respiratory viral infections”

“the oral administration of KI in human subjects increased serum iodine concentrations and yielded iodine concentrations in the upper respiratory secretions that supported the antiviral activity of airway epithelial cells ex vivo.” “systemic supplementation of iodine alone might be sufficient to inactivate the virus.”

This study has broad implications for human health, especially amid a respiratory viral pandemic.

Goal: Detoxed Immune System

EDTA 1.0 (1000mg EDTA) with a FREE charcoal bowel cleanseThe ultimate protection against pathogens is a strong and fine-tuned immune system.

The famous Swiss chelation study confirmed the reduction of cancer mortality by 90%.[4]

When the body is detoxified, the whole immune system, including all of the immune cells are relieved and can work stronger and with precision. Only a detoxified immune system has the highest chance to build strong protection against the multiplication of cancer cells (and viruses).

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[2] COVID-19 Trends in Tennessee: Summer turns to Fall, Vanderbilt Report, October 27., 2020.
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[4] Ninety Percent Reduction in Cancer Mortality after Chelation Therapy With EDTA – (the famous Swiss study)

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