Treatable Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s survivors?
We live in truly exciting times!

Listening to the Summit might give you a kind of false security: “I know so much now that everything will be all right!”

However, turning the dizzying array of knowledge into a solid action plan usually remains elusive.
Key questions quickly emerge:
What are the main priorities now?
How much should be one idea emphasized over others?
Who should I trust and why?
Where should it all begin?

We at went through the tedious work of developing a protocol that has six key pillars to protect and nurture the brain:
1 – detoxification
2 – anti-inflammation
3 – de-calcification
4 – anti-biofilm
5 – higher ATP levels in the neurons
6 – neuro-regeneration (neurogenesis) & stem cell boosting
   6/a brain micronutrients
   6/b intermittent excercise
   6/c intermittent fasting (fast & feast rhythm)

Some protocols achieve a good detoxification but lack the rebuilding (neuro-regeneration).
Others give an energy boost to the neurons but not much more (coconut oil and ketogenic diet).

We cover ALL aspects of what the brain really needs. All.

Take advantage now of the extra 15% discount – if you buy the whole protocol.

The old school taught that the brain can’t be renewed, new neurons can’t be developed. That is not true.

If we reduce in the brain what makes the neurons sluggish (toxins, calcification, inflammation, microbes) and provide what the neurons need for healthy functioning (macro and micro-nutrients and improved microcirculation), a remarkable transformation can occur.

Let’s enjoy what is possible:
improved memory;
a sharper mind;
inner calm;
deeper sleep;
improved hearing and eyesight;
‘addressing’ headaches and migraines; and even
the spiritual life is improved when the brain is healthy and balanced.

Give your brain what it really needs.
It could very well change the quality of your life or the lives of those you love.

Let’s share the joy,

Dr. Thomas Janossy

(Click here for our Brain Protocol)

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