BREAKING: 5 Bombshell science-based strategies for the deadlier 'next' wave!

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We step beyond the necessary basics of keeping our Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C levels high.

Crucial steps that doctors are hiding

  1. Flavonoids are antiviral and ionophore, pull Zinc into cells, similarly to the ‘questionable’ Hydroxychloroquine
  2. Viruses replicate 10X more overnight
  3. Potassium Iodide prevents viral entry inside the respiratory mucosa
  4. Glutathione cured patients (cooled cytokine storms) in a recent study [16]
  5. Charcoal can stop cytokine storms(!)

Important note

Currently, no medical authority supports the use of any drug or supplement to protect against the current viral epidemic. Rather, vaccines are strongly promoted. Consult your doctor before using drugs or natural health products.

Deadlier next wave?

We’re not alone to believe that the coronavirus’s next wave can be much worse than the first wave. New variants will be formed in vaccinated individuals where the virus is partially suppressed but not killed outright. A well-supported and highly functioning immune system can kill the virus and stop the spread without the chance to develop a new variant. We should better stay away from those who are vaccinated.

No Open Debates

Look what’s going on:

Heavy-handed politics drive the official responses. This includes the touting of a vaccine as our ‘savior’.

Alternative angles are squashed on YouTube and other social media, robbing us of an open and intelligent discussion.

Vaccine developments of previous coronaviruses were not safe and successful.

We should all have the God-given right to control what enters our body and review the benefits and pitfalls of the coming vaccine. We can’t trust it unless proper animal and human studies confirm its safety and efficacy. Most likely, the vaccines will suppress the immune system and cause more harm than good.

What is the best ‘at-home’ immune-boosting protocol?

(Disclaimer: The information presented here is not medical advice. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations.)

Layered immune defense: start with Detox

When our toxic levels are high, our immune system also carries toxins, hindering its effectiveness. A deep-cellular, overnight detoxification can supercharge our immune system.

Over 90,000 synthetic toxins are in the environment, and the 700 toxins we all carry (on average) interferes with the fine-tuned functioning of the cells in our body.

Without much thinking, the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body daily (overnight Glutathione is best to remove these chemicals).[1]

Babies are being born with over 250 toxins passed on by their mothers in the (toxic) womb.

Focus on the reduction of the toxic load inside and outside

  • Diet – eat organic food as much as you can
  • Body – overnight Detox is safer & far more effective

Detoxification also cleanses pathways for improved nutrient absorption (take high-quality supplements).

Interrupting Virus Entry

The layered immune strategy hinders the virus’s route as it enters the body, infects the cells, and replicates.

  1. BREAKING: 5 Bombshell science-based strategies for deadlier 2nd wave!The first goal is to reduce the chances of being exposed to such a high viral load that can overwhelm our immune system. Having a high-quality mask in places with potentially high virus load (hospitals, nursing homes) and washing our hands are reasonable steps to keep the virus away or keep the virus load low. However, walking in the park with a mask is totally useless, without any scientific justification.
  2. The next goal should be to strengthen the respiratory mucosa’s ability to repel the virus as part of the body’s immune defense. Besides the actual physical barrier represented by the respiratory mucosa, two major pathways slow down the entry of infectious agents. There is a multicomponent oxidative pathway and an epithelial ion transport system working in tandem to eliminate invaders. This host defense system, if fine-tuned, can put up the second barrier in our quest to slow down viral entry. Luckily, we can supercharge this defense by taking Potassium Iodine, as it was confirmed by a recent study (read more about it under Iodine, further down the page).
  3. The next layer of protection can be built up inside the cells by raising the level of Zinc and Selenium. Flavonoids play an ionophore role, similarly to the much-politicized Hydroxychloroquine. They help Zinc and Selenium to enter the cells as the transport of these minerals is greatly enhanced through the cell wall. Once inside, zinc and selenium help blocking the assembly of viral components.[2] I’m convinced that I found the best flavonoid from Europe, Flavin7 Gold, and a one-of-a-kind selenium product superior to others. SmartSelenium 1000 provides a 1000 times higher level of Selenium inside the cells than regular Selenium, and much safer, too.
  4. Cytokine storm is blamed for most deaths and endotheliitis, an immune response within the inflamed endothelium in blood vessels emerged as a key threat in patients.[3]  Increasingly, it becomes clear that Glutathione is likely the absolute most important and most powerful modulator to stop the runaway immune system that might lead to out-of-control inflammation and organ failure.[4]  Since viruses replicate ten times more overnight (!)[5], triggering the cytokine storm, there is a growing recognition that overnight Glutathione is superior compared to daytime Glutathione supplementation. It’s not a coincidence that more patients show severe clinical symptoms or die overnight.

Tools for the Layered Immune Boosting

Flavin7 Gold

is a great-tasting fruit extract that is, I’m convinced, the best flavonoid product on the market today.

Flavonoid benefits:

  1. transferring Zn+ into the cells (ionosphere)
  2. powerful antiviral effects
  3. anti-aging effects (reduced all-cause-mortality, reduced cardiovascular mortality, anti-cancer)
  1. Flavin7 Gold gets Zinc (and Selenium), available in the body, into the cells. Surprisingly, the ionophore impact of flavonoids when the ion permeability of the cell membrane (in the absence of a protein pore) is changed is similar to the (likely) most crucial effect of Hydroxychloroquine. Ionophores, including flavonoids, are lipophilic chelating agents that transport cations (Zn+ and Se+) across the phospholipid bilayer membrane of cell walls.[6]  High zinc and selenium concentration inside the cells blocks viral replication.
  2. The powerful antiviral effects of flavonoids are not widely known. These highly beneficial biomolecules can act at different stages of viral infection, including at the molecular level, to inhibit viral growth.[7]  Most fruits protect themselves from viruses that try to get through their skins. Necessarily, flavonoids are found in very high concentrations in the skin of fruits and not in the middle. The colorful peels of apples or blueberries contain the highest level of flavonoids that form an active shield against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.
  3. Plants in general, and flavonoids in particular, are highly beneficial, especially as we get old. In an Australian study, following 1063 elderly for five years, there were 62% fewer deaths in high compared with low total flavonoid consumed. More surprisingly, there were 64% fewer CVD (cardiovascular disease) mortalities and 73% fewer cancer mortalities in high than in low flavonoid consumers.[8]  Let’s dwell for a moment on this 73% drop in cancer mortality – this was achieved only in five years.[9]

At least 40% of the cancer is caused by viruses

Forty percent is the highest limit scientists go today.

In reality, about 80% of cancer is likely caused by viruses.

The strong virus suppressing effects of flavonoids might give us a clue about their role in cancer strategies. If flavonoids are antiviral, they also curb cancer.
Indeed, they are widely and successfully used against cancer in Europe.[9] They are also powerful in reducing or eliminating most of the negative effects of chemo and radiation.


Flavanoids are a powerful force of nature that supports our body when we fight viruses, cancer, or aging itself.

Charcoal / StopReabsorb

is highly relevant in:

  1. mopping up toxins in the gut when Detox is underway (by Glutathione, or EDTA),
  2. freeing up the immune system by absorbing bacterial toxins in the gut, released by pathogenic bacteria,
  3. quieting the ‘cytokine storm’,
  4. superior in anti-aging: Charcoal increased the life-span of research animals by an extra 40%.[10]

The benefits of StopReabsorb/Charcoal are legendary. Ideally, we all should take a gram of Charcoal an hour before we go to sleep in our toxic world as detoxification always speeds up overnight.

Cytokine storms or Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) is triggered by certain drugs and infections, including sepsis, acute lung injury/bacterial pneumonia, Lyme disease, malaria, and Herxheimer reactions. It builds up by a positive feedback loop of pathogenic immunity when white blood cells release inflammatory cytokines [interleukin-1 (IL-1), IL-12, and IL-18, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), interferon-gamma (IFNγ), and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF] that can overwhelm the body with life-threatening systemic hyper-inflammation, hypotensive shock, and multi-organ failure.

Each year, infection with Plasmodium falciparum causes 400–600 million cases of malaria and up to 1 million childhood deaths, mainly in Africa. Pro-inflammatory cytokines have a long-standing association with the outcome of malaria. An exciting charcoal study confirmed its surprisingly broad and powerful systemic effects on immune and inflammatory processes. Charcoal prevented mortality associated with malaria(!).[11]


Charcoal is so cheap that it lacks advocates for its amazingly wide range of beneficial effects in Detox, immune balance, and anti-aging.

Glutathione’s role in the immune system

  1. constitutes the first line of the cellular defense mechanism against oxidative stress
  2. protects host immune cells through its antioxidant mechanism
  3. provides the optimal functioning of lymphocytes and other immune cells [12], and more importantly
  4. fine-tunes the antiviral immune response
  5. drives the severity of the current viral infection outcome (disease & death)
  6. cools ‘cytokine storm’

Glutathione supplementation is especially recommended in the elderly who have low levels due to immunosenescence and in individuals with chronic inflammation, such as those who are overweight or obese.[13]

Glutathione is not only important in many immunological processes but also modifies complex immune reactions such as fever.

Fever is induced by oxidative stress, initiated by viral or bacterial infections (or toxins). Glutathione reduces fever and normalizes the immune system response to oxidative stress. It is a good idea to keep Glutathione suppositories at home for a time when fever is encountered.

According to the most recent medical reports, 72% of ‘viral disease’ patients who are admitted to hospitals are overweight or obese. Obesity is correlated with oxidative stress, inflammation, low level of Glutathione, and low level of vitamin D3. Glutathione is paramount to raise vitamin D3 levels to mount a strong immune defense against viral and bacterial infections. Consequently, supplementation with both Glutathione and vitamin D3 is beneficial if the goal is to keep oxidative stress low and the immune system healthy.[14]

Glutathione’s antiviral effects

Glutathione expresses its antiviral activities through macrophage cell lines that are independent of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. A European study helped us to understand why Glutathione’s high level is so critical in the body’s antiviral defense. Contrary to previous studies, it was finally concluded that endogenous Glutathione plays a pivotal role in the establishment of the innate immune responses to viruses, acting as a signaling molecule with a mechanism different from simple scavenging of ROS (reactive oxygen species). Viral replication results in Glutathione depletion, and likewise, high Glutathione level protects against viruses.[15]

Glutathione fine-tunes the activity of macrophages, a special immune cell line. Cells of the macrophage series can play a major role in the ability of the host to defend against viral infection.[15]

A recent study confirms the beneficial effects of Glutathione in counteracting the cytokine storm in patients. Glutathione is abundant in most cells, but is the most abundant antioxidant in the airway epithelial lining fluid, and acts as a vital intra- and extracellular antioxidant protection against oxidative stress, helping to decrease pro-inflammatory processes in the lungs. This is the same epithelial lining fluid or mucosa where Potassium Iodine expressed its robust and protective effect.

In a recent trial study, 2000mg of IV glutathione was administered to fast improve the patients’ dyspnea within one hour of use, confirming Glutathione’s fast-acting power in cytokine storms.[16]

Viral replication triggers cytokine storms, and viruses replicate ten times more overnight.

Arguably, an elevated level of overnight Glutathione might be more important than the elevation of daytime Glutathione.


Glutathione emerged as the ‘king-maker’ in our quest to find the most critical supplement in our layered immune protection.


antiviral effects are broadly ignored.

A fascinating US study confirmed

“the identification of a new prophylactic or therapeutic approach, achieved by the administration of a single dose of 130 mg of oral potassium iodide to prevent or ameliorate respiratory viral infections”

“the oral administration of KI in human subjects increased serum iodine concentrations and yielded iodine concentrations in the upper respiratory secretions that supported the antiviral activity of airway epithelial cells ex vivo.” “systemic supplementation of iodine alone might be sufficient to inactivate the virus.”

This study has broad implications for human health, especially amid a respiratory viral pandemic.[17]


This is bombshell news!
The neglected (by all doctors worldwide) potassium iodine represents an eloquent way to support the body against the onslaught of viruses right in the respiratory mucosa before it can harm the cells. Surprisingly, the medical profession ignores this study.


is critical in any intelligent antiviral strategy. Unfortunately, most selenium supplements are limited by their toxicity if high doses are taken.
SmartSelenium 1000 is an exception as it supports the entry of 1000 times more selenium into the cells and can be taken in very high doses without the fear of doctors typically have with high selenium supplementation. SmartSelenium is widely used by cancer patients.

Each drop of SmartSelenium 1000 contains approximately as much Selenium as it is found in 5 brazil nuts. Start slow with one drop of Smart Selenium, every second day.[18]


Selenium’s antiviral usage is often overlooked due to its toxic effects. SmartSelenium 1000 opens up a new chapter to harness its usefulness.


Overnight Detox, Potassium Iodine, Glutathione, vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, and Charcoal work together in highly raising the ability of the body to provide the ultimate, layered immune defense.


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