Mask? On your mouth or on your cells?

Mask? On your mouth or on your cells?

While the debate about masks rages on, I like to focus on putting a ‘mask’ on the respiratory mucosa. Potassium Iodide Blocks Viral Entry Potassium iodide prevents viral entry inside the mucosa along the respiratory tract.[3] A fascinating US study confirms “the identification of a new prophylactic or therapeutic approach, achieved by the administration of […]

Overnight Detox is Superior in Oral Health!

Overnight Detox is Superior in Oral Health!

Detox? Before or After Amalgam Removal? Before you remove or replace your amalgam fillings, go through a whole-body (overnight) detoxification, remove the amalgam to lower the overall toxic load, and ‘give space’ for any extra toxins. Please, take this advice seriously! Avoid the removal of amalgam fillings without a good detox first. You can get […]

Science-based Strategies for The Deadlier ‘Next’ Wave!

BREAKING: 5 Bombshell science-based strategies for the deadlier 'next' wave!

We share information you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We step beyond the necessary basics of keeping our Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C levels high. Crucial steps that doctors are hiding Flavonoids are antiviral and ionophore, pull Zinc into cells, similarly to the ‘questionable’ Hydroxychloroquine Viruses replicate 10X more overnight Potassium Iodide prevents viral entry […]

14 Immune Boosting Strategies – Immediate vs. Long-Term Goals

14 Immune Boosting Strategies – Immediate vs. Long-Term Goals

Warm Welcome to Immune Defense Summit visitors 1. Raised Vitamin D levels In a University of Colorado study, 107 patients received 4,000 IU vitamin D daily over a 12-months period that resulted in an astonishing 40% reduction in infection. Noteworthy in the study is that participants were seniors with an average age of 81 who […]

Daytime Detoxification is Dangerous – Overnight ‘ToxDetox’ 4X more effective!

Nighttime Detox Natural

The need for detoxification is widely accepted. Seemingly, the various ways to detoxify over the day is also settled. Yet, it’s dangerous and ineffective to detoxify the body in the daytime. The circadian rhythm selected nighttime for the mobilization of a large amount of toxins. High overnight melatonin level triggers the extra production of glutathione, […]

Warm Welcome to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit visitors

4 Shamefully Ignored Dementia/Alzheimer’s Causes I. Viruses Play a Central Role Four recent studies should change the way dementia, and Alzheimer’s are prevented and cured. Did you find an anti-viral focus in your brain protocol? This ignorance is a scandal and likely explains the low effectiveness of brain protocols. The combination of Glutathione and the […]

2 Studies: Higher lead levels increased cancer death by 68%, Chelation reduced cancer death by 90%

Save 15% on EDTA 1.0 - Chelation reduced cancer death by 90%

The good news about the ‘lead/cancer/chelation’ link is kept quiet. Painfully quiet. (Please, make some noise by sending this info far and wide.) These forgotten studies fundamentally change our understanding of cancer, even for the ‘we have seen everything’ crowd in the alternative medical fields. Lead poisoning … has strong effects on the brain… in […]

The 1 in 25,000
Immune Plan

Immune Protocol - The 1 in 25,000 Immune Plan

Building the Most Robust Immune System for Healthy and Long Life (Bone Marrow Detoxification, De-Calcification, Anti-Biofilm, Stem Cell Boosting) A strong immune system is the best defense against most health threats. And we are all programmed to heal and have a strong and healthy immune system. We all have the option to reach a very […]

IV or ‘Lypo’ Glutathione? Better choice: suppository. Overnight, slow absorption. 3 types available

IV or 'Lypo' Glutathione? Better choice: suppository

Glutathione is the most important, natural, master detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, immune system enhancer, and the body’s main antioxidant, protecting our cells in health and in sickness. ​Due to the circadian rhythm, the need for glutathione is the highest overnight when the body focuses on detoxification and rebuilding. It is very important to provide elevated glutathione overnight […]

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