Stop CYTOKINE STORM! - Dr. Janossy's #1 'ingredient' among ALL (vitamins, herbs & nutrition)

Please, share this vital info with those you care for. Sadly, even big-name doctors ignore this life-saving information!

Action: Keep a bottle for each family member!
(because cytokine storm can develop very fast, in 1.5 to 2 hours)

A totally neglected ‘nutritional ingredient’ STOPPED Cytokine Storm in an exciting, novel study.

Yet, worldwide, I’m the only one crying out in the wilderness from the roof-tops.

A Cytokine Storm triggered COVID-death is rightly feared.
A fascinating study points out how to stop the dreaded Cytokine Storm with the oral intake of a simple powder.

Why Cytokine Storm Leads to Death

Since the Italian physician Girolamo Fracastoro hypothesized in 1546 that germs could cause some diseases, understanding infection pathophysiology has been a major target of medical research.

The cytokine storm or cytokine cascade induced by infectious diseases, including viral, bacterial, or fungal infections, results from a self-amplifying process aiming to destroy the invader and restore health (homeostasis) but often leads to sepsis. This cascade is very fast, typically happens in two hours (and this is why it is better to keep at home what the study below suggests).

Response to infection is not only a local process but a complex time- and space-dependent process that spreads through the blood vessels and involves various cell types, especially leukocytes and endothelial cells (the cells lining the blood vessels). The release of inflammatory cytokines will trigger a systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and can culminate in cell and organ damage, organ failure, and death.  

Infectious diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide. The incidence of sepsis is extremely high, close to 450 per 100,000 inhabitants[1], far more than that of myocardial infarction[2] or the combination of prostate, breast, and lung cancer[3]. It is estimated that there are between 15 and 30 million sepsis cases worldwide every year, with a nearly 20% mortality rate.[4]

Doctors Ignore Life-Saving Study

The current ‘treatment’ for cytokine storms is mainly based on traditional anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids, chloroquine, and colchicines. The outcome is poor.

A landmark cytokine study concluded that orally administered activated charcoal has significant immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.[5]

Charcoal significantly reduced the number of cytokines (splenic TNF+ CD4+ T cells and multifunctional IFNγ+TNF+ CD4+ and CD8+ T cells).
Urgent studies are needed to establish the efficacy of orally administered charcoal in Covid patients.

Charcoal is inexpensive, well-tolerated at high doses (50 gram active charcoal per day was used in the study), and requires no sophisticated storage.
Charcoal was propelled among adjunct therapy options to reduce mortality from Covid or for immediate treatment of suspected cytokine storm.

Can charcoal improve outcomes in COVID-19 infections?

StopReabsorbThe first medical hypothesis was published in November 2020 about the potential benefits of oral charcoal administration in COVID-19 patients.
The conclusions are similar to the previous charcoal/cytokine storm study and suggest a large, randomized, blinded study.[6]
I couldn’t agree more.


In our times of pandemic, it’s wise to have a bottle of charcoal for each family member, wherever they stay or travel.
Charcoal became the MOST critical nutritional supplement today.

Some of the seemingly never-ending lists of beneficial charcoal uses are:

  • stopping cytokine storm (50 g charcoal, yes fifty grams, was used in malaria/cytokine study to stop the cytokine storm);
  • upset stomach and allergic food reaction (take 4-6 grams immediately);
  • mosquito bites, bee sting, sunburn, snake-bites, spider bites, poison ivy (for external use, open the charcoal capsule and cover the inflamed skin by mixing the black powder with a drop of water);
  • periodontitis (after you washed your teeth, open a capsule and spread the black, charcoal powder along your gums);
  • diarrhea (take 5 to 10 grams of charcoal immediately to capture the bacterial toxins in the gut and stop diarrhea);
  • controlling flatulence and stomach gas to heartburn (take a gram of charcoal three times a day or two hours before you ‘socialize’)
  • non-healing wounds also benefit (open some capsules and cover the wound before applying any other treatment, if any)
  • supporting the naturally occurring overnight detoxification (take at least a gram of charcoal an hour before you go to sleep)
  • pruritus (itching skin) was stopped in a study (6 grams of oral charcoal was given)[7] Note: recently, I broke out in severe rashes after accidentally eating spoiled food with mold in it. In about 20 minutes after taking 15 capsules of StopReabsorb, my rashes and purities vanished!  
  • urea removal in poor kidney function (5-10 gram per day, works better with low protein diets)

Missionaries use charcoal to treat tetanus, typhoid, cholera, diphtheria, hepatitis, pinkeye, diabetic ulcers, Candida, dysentery, gangrene, and other ills due to its potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Charcoal is a superb, highly versatile, low-cost alternative to many other modalities and by far the most exciting and most neglected supplement.


Wishing you what you deserve, health, inner peace, and blessings,
Dr. Thomas Janossy

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