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Daytime Detoxification is Dangerous – Overnight ‘ToxDetox’ 4X more effective!

Nighttime Detox Natural

The need for detoxification is widely accepted. Seemingly, the various ways to detoxify over the day is also settled. Yet, it’s dangerous and ineffective to detoxify the body in the daytime. The circadian rhythm selected nighttime for the mobilization of a large amount of toxins. High overnight melatonin level triggers the extra production of glutathione, […]

Warm Welcome to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit visitors

4 Shamefully Ignored Dementia/Alzheimer’s Causes I. Viruses Play a Central Role Four recent studies should change the way dementia, and Alzheimer’s are prevented and cured. Did you find an anti-viral focus in your brain protocol? This ignorance is a scandal and likely explains the low effectiveness of brain protocols. The combination of Glutathione and the […]

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