Overnight Detox is Superior in Oral Health!
  • Overnight Mercury removal is best
  • Glutathione levels are higher overnight
  • Liver and kidneys are more active overnight
  • More bile produced as we sleep
  • Overnight rectal suppositories are ideal for detox
  • Daytime detox goes against the circadian rhythm
  • Brain cells shrink 60% overnight[1]

Detox? Before or After Amalgam Removal?

Before you remove or replace your amalgam fillings, go through a whole-body (overnight) detoxification, remove the amalgam to lower the overall toxic load, and ‘give space’ for any extra toxins.

Please, take this advice seriously!

Avoid the removal of amalgam fillings without a good detox first.

You can get mercury poisoning AFTER the removal of their fillings

“My husband had his amalgam fillings removed in 2007. By 2009 he was showing symptoms of Mercury poisoning, proven by urine tests. His levels were off the chart. Since then, we have had two sessions of IV detox. One for 18 months and the second for another 6 months. He has severe brain damage now, and his body is wasting away. Is there anything we can do at this stage of his illness? Please. I’m heartbroken. We have been married for 51 years, and this is the most awful way for him to end his life. He is 71.”

Will I dislodge the amalgam when detoxing?

With our overnight chelation products, based on thousands of successful cases, we could go through our detoxification protocol even with the amalgam fillings. You wouldn’t dislodge the fillings simply by detoxing the whole body.

Remove the amalgam fillings, after a detox, with the help of a biological dentist to reduce the source of mercury exposure of the body.

Mercury toxicosis? When would I get it?

There is no 100% clean amalgam removal. The spilling adds to the (often) high mercury load in the body.
In most cases, the extra spilled mercury at the time of the removal of the amalgam filling pushes the mercury levels over a limit that triggers clinical symptoms.

You can suffer greatly. Mercury triggers opportunistic infections, resulting in a severely compromised immune system and the flare-up of microbes (Candida, Lyme)[2,3].
Interestingly mercury has a microbe controlling, anti-bacterial effect. But this is a ‘false peace’.
Remove the toxic metals by concurrent use of anti-bacterial herbs (found in StemDetox).

Depression, weak immune system, Candida, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome?

It’s not the mercury inside (or removed) the amalgam fillings that contributed to a myriad of chronic symptoms.
Instead, it’s the mercury that has already leaked out over the years accumulating and poisoning the body.

Toxins are spread around the body, and all organs can be affected, including our ability to fight infections.
How could we expect a robust immune system, working on its peak, when the immune cells, including the lymphocytes, are loaded with toxins?

Why detox at all? The body does it well, right?

The bioaccumulation of toxins is insidious and hidden.
Bio-accumulated stored mercury stays in the body even after the removal of amalgam. When one toxin, and this can be mercury, accumulates in the liver, all of the other toxins are pilling up due to the sluggishness of the liver.

Beyond Mercury and Toxic Metals

  • The average adult carries 700 toxins.
  • Toxdetox and SmartSelenium1000 targets the removal of mercury.
  • Glutathione removes the broadest spectrum of toxins, including drug residuals, pesticides, PCBs, and more, beyond the toxic heavy metals.

A clean body leads to better, deeper sleep, clarity of mind, higher energy.
Turn back the clock by lowering your toxic load for anti-aging!

Always consult with your health care provider who knows your medical history, special needs, and circumstances.

[1] Brain may flush out toxins during sleep
[2] Nitika Singh et al. Synergistic Effects of Heavy Metals and Pesticides in Living Systems, Front Chem. 2017;5:70. Published online 2017.Oct.11.
[3] Sen BH et al., The effect of ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid on Candida albicans. Oral Surg.

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