This is what I love so much when I develop a new product: ‘the unexpected positive side-benefits’.

And often those side-benefits become the life-line for people with specific conditions.

Years ago when I formulated StemDetox, I had several goals to achieve:

  • to provide extra, broader detox support for Detoxamin (now EDTA2.0 and ToxDetox);
  • to open up the elimination channels (kidney, liver, enhanced lymph flow) in detoxification;
  • to lower the chances of Herxheimer reaction (now accomplished with the added StopReabsorb
  • to improve microcirculation;
  • to reduce coagulability (hypercougability is a key trigger for arterial plaque buildup);
  • to provide key mineral replacements and antioxidants;
  • to strengthen the immune system and control inflammation;
  • to provide very high systemic (Serrapeptase) enzyme levels;
  • and to fight the bugs (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites) that often flare up while the detoxification goes on.

While all of these goals were achieved, and StemDetox became our bestselling product, to our surprise, sportsmen, including Olympic athletes, started to use it as a very potent performance enhancer. An Olympian who became third in Europe in a tight competition credited my product for his success. The elderly literally woke up from their sedentary ‘big armchair’ centered life-style and became more active, living a life that is more typical of those ten years younger.

Who would have thought that StemDetox would even remove ‘brown spots’ of the elderly or keep the regular flu or the swine flu at bay? StemDetox also helped the disappearance of breast cysts and prostate enlargements. We even did a pilot study with 36 urine samples that clearly confirmed its ability to mobilize toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.). StemDetox became the most important aid for children to remain healthy when they go to summer camps where due to the immune compromising situation, they are more at risk for diarrhea, pneumonia, sunburn, and total exhaustion.

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