IV Chelation

An intravenous (IV) Chelation therapy can be an expensive and time intensive process depending on the type of form that is chosen. EDTA IV chelation requires that patients attend 30 to 50 sessions over six months when they typically receive 3000mg EDTA intravenously (by the needle). Each of these sessions is at least three hours long and quite expensive ($100-$150 per session). Increasingly, it is recognised that the large amount of EDTA flooding the body in a short period of time can be overwhelming to many patients who’s elimination channels are unable to deal properly with the amount of toxins mobilised. IV chelation clinics try to mitigate the negative side effects by extra measures, such as vitamin C IV, yet, what would really benefit the patients is a lower level of detoxification that is spread over time such as provided by the Chelation Suppositories.

IV chelation therapy lacks the desired flexibility that would benefit the patints, it’s inconvenient sitting in a chair for hours with a needle in the arm, and the price is prohibitively high for many people, sometimes for those who would benefit the most from detoxification.

Chelation Suppository

While IV Chelation was considered to be the gold standard in chelation since its inseption, increasingly, Chelation Suppositories are recognized that provide the needed flexibility patients deserve, coupled with lower costs and the better absorption of EDTA overnight when the patient is in a fully relaxed, horizontal position.

Chelation Suppositories are medically equivalent to the traditional IV EDTA chelation method but eliminate the problems that are associated with IV EDTA delivery. The very same ingredient that goes into the IV (CaNa2EDTA or calcium disodium EDTA) has been incorporated into rectal suppositories.

EDTA in suppository form is normally administered every second night.

Oral Chelation

EDTA Chelation is also available in oral form, however, the absorption rate is very low (5-8%) and therefore, the oral form should be taken for a very long time, often for years to achieve similar level of detoxification compared to IV or rectal suppository chelation.

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