Building the Most Robust Immune System for Healthy and Long Life

(Bone Marrow Detoxification, De-Calcification, Anti-Biofilm, Stem Cell Boosting)

A strong immune system is the best defense against most health threats. And we are all programmed to heal and have a strong and healthy immune system. We all have the option to reach a very high level of health.

Before we go on, some important questions should be answered for wholesome wellness.

How much do you love yourself?
How much do you love life?
How much do you realize that serving others gives us the profound satisfaction in life?
How much do you want to be connected to your parents in a way that heals both of you? And to your kids and friends?

Emotional stability, often the first step on a path of healing and wellness is based on better relationships that links you to your family, your friends, your pet, the beautiful world around us and to God.
We can’t change our DNA but we should change the way we live our DNA given options. It is called epigenetics.
Beauty in life and wholeness starts by expressing gratitude.
Life is too short for grumbling all the time.
We are all the children of God and once we embrace this idea the next step is to radiate back to our surroundings the beauty and joy of life. Our smiles heal not only our body but those who ketch a glimpse of it.

Do you love yourself enough to make some life-style changes?
Love your own cells more. They cry out for help.
Give them better nutrition (and don’t just spoil your taste buds). Corner the latent pathogens sapping the life-energy of your cells. And reduce the toxic burden all your cells story and desperately want to get rid of but unable to do it without your active help.

Where to start?
Removing the toxins should start in your mind and emotions. With your determination to appreciate what an incredible body you have where your cells are your best partners and friends to achieve your wellness goals, including a strong immune system.
Your body is your temple. Treat it with reverence and love.

How to achieve the strongest ever immune system remains elusive and as a consequence, too many are still exposed to cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and more. 

Actually, all of these diseases shouldn’t be called a ‘disease’ as they are a highly predictable outcome, an end-stage of decades-long negative change we let to happen with a weak immune system.

Since we call these ‘diseases’ we think about how to target them and treat them, instead, we should think about how to stop with life-saving early cellular environmental (ecosystem) interventions the long progression of the decline marked by an imbalanced metabolism.

In our age of information overload, some of the most critical information remains hidden, such as the amount of toxins adults carry (on average we have 700 toxins), its impact on the bone marrow and the immune system; the fact that all of us have pathogens hiding within biofilm communities; or the link between nutritional deficiencies and a crippled immune system as we age.

We can prop up the immune system in a hurry if needed.

But unless the three major threats to the immune system,

A) the toxic load,
B) the pathogens, and
C) nutritional imbalances

are properly addressed, the immune system would remain weak for life and its decline would be accelerated. We have the ability to prop up the immune system for a short while and most people do that with some Vitamin C, garlic or taking other immune boosting supplements. However, these interventions wouldn’t address the three key issues behind a weak immune system. These are only ‘window dressings’.

With our current understanding of the immune system; diseases; toxins and pathogens; we can and in fact, we should push further back the critical intersection between the weakening immune system as the years go by and the agents of chronic conditions.

If we imagine a graph where the slowly declining immune system is represented by a line dropping down as we age, the question is if they intersect in our life-time or not with another line slowly creeping up that represents agents of chronic conditions, toxins, pathogens and nutritional deficiencies.

Immune senesce, the continued decline of our immune system, is a known aspect of aging. Furthermore, it is clear today that the precursors of many illnesses start ten to thirty years before they become obvious.

Our goal should be to have such a strong immune system…

… that even if we lose some of its capacity over time, we would ‘potentially’ get a serious chronic disease later, at a time when we would be maybe 150 years old, beyond our life on Earth. This goal of putting off major chronic conditions can be achieved now for most people. This preventative approach is a package that includes most chronic diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation.

If we live long enough and fail to fine-tune our immune system now, we would get one or more chronic conditions and premature aging that are mostly the results of our neglect and bad life-style choices.

Take seriously the information we share. Our ‘outside the box’ approach provides the foundations for the type of immune health few would believe it is possible.
Our personal responsibility towards wellness can’t be emphasized enough. You reap what you sow.

Right now, as you read this, you have thousands of cancer cells in your body.
Yes, you have cancer!

However, your immune system is able to eliminate and kill those cells. Your repair mechanism is working. It should be stated here that some tumors fail to display protein segments (antigens) on the surface of the cancer cells and this way evade the immune system. Science is not yet clear why this evasion happens and if any toxins or any pathogens might play a role in this. Your non-specific, so called ‘innate’ immune system is can still deal with these cancer cells and your doctor would say that you are free of cancer (even if you have thousand of cancer cells at any moment in time).

The Two Immune Choices:

1) The Immune Can Be Boosted in a Hurry for a ‘Quick Fix’ or
2) The Most Robust Immune System for a Healthy and Long Life Can Be Built Over Time

​It seems that the available information, even shared by experts, such as at the Immune Defense Summit in 2017, where I’m also a speaker, is somewhat confusing and the priorities are sometimes driven by specific motifs (expertise, current interests, fads).

Experts usually fail to clearly distinguish the steps needed to take when the immune system should be propped up in a hurry – from building up through a foundational approach to have the healthiest and most abundant immune cells in the body, ready to jump into action when needed over a lifetime to maintain wellness.

We could compare this to quickly giving life-saving drugs to a person hurt in a car accident to the slow rehabilitation of the full body for real wellness over a longer period of time.

Immune Basics

A deeper understanding of the immune system helps us to pinpoint the most beneficial steps one should take either to quickly enhance an immune response or to build up its capacity for life-long, healthy longevity. Different actions are required to achieve these two different goals.

The immune system is a highly sophisticated and extremely complex system that protects our life like an ever-present guardian angel protects our soul. High quality, disease free life depends the most on the health and wellness of the marvelous immune system. Without a functioning immune system, even the best antibiotics are useless on their own in a case of an infection.

The two parts of our immune system are the ‘innate’ and the ‘adoptive’ parts. If we compare it to war, the innate part could be compared to non-specific bombing while the adoptive to snipers who take out the invaders one by one as the enemy is recognized in the crowd.

The Innate Immune System

The innate part of the immune system quickly and nonspecifically attacks foreign and nonspecific invaders.

All of the physical and chemical barriers are part of the innate system, the skin (clean and close a wound quickly after a cut), the lining of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts (leaky gut is an open door for invaders to the body, to toxins and maintains inflammation, – take daily charcoal to address leaky gut), their secretions such as the stomach acid (kills bacteria in the gut ingested with food, – in stomach acid reflux reduce the toxic metal load and take extra acids, not antacids) and the mucus (stuffy nose means that the body produces more mucus to expel invaders, – however, reduce milk products when an infection is going on, it can generate more mucus than needed).

Specific white blood cells, called phagocytes, protect the body by engulfing and killing (phagocytosing) bacteria, fungus, dead or dying cells and dirt. Neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells belong to this category of white blood cells.
When we see pus, we witness mainly neutrophils in action that were mobilized (chemotaxis) by cytokines, released by macrophages that are attracted to the site of infection or inflammation.

Neutrophils release a specific enzyme called myeloperoxidase that produces hypochlororous acid (HOCl) that kills bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. Unfortunately, its known only by a very few doctors that mercury and lead blocks the activity of the myeloperoxidase enzyme that results in no HOCI production and as a result, the immune system becomes severely crippled. Myeloperoxidase deficiency leads to immune deficiency. This is a main reason why it is impossible to acquire a healthy, robust immune system unless a toxic metal specific detoxification is done and the toxic load is kept low over a lifetime. This reality is glassed over by many doctors or simply ignored.

The strong negative, immune suppressing effects of toxic metals also explains why EDTA chelation reduced cancer mortality by 90% in a Swiss study. Furthermore, it sheds light on the intriguing 1 in 25,000 ratio in wellness (more about it later).

Pus is a good sign that the immune system is working well. Iodine, 3% hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver or charcoal (poultice) are choices to kill the invaders in a wound.

Abnormal cells, such as cancer cells or virus infected cells are killed by natural killer (NK) cells. Again, this is a non-specific action, in other words, this action is not a response to a specific protein (antigen).
Fibrinogen and C-reactive proteins are part of both the innate and adaptive (mobilized as a response to a specific antigen) immune system. They are good clinical markers of inflammation in the body.

The Adaptive Immune System

Also called acquired immune system, is a response to a trigger, to an invader. It is highly specific to a particular invader and once exposed to an invader, keeps a memory of the fight to jump into action the next time the invader attacks. This is called immunological memory and actually forms the basis of vaccination.

1) ‘Quick Fix’ Immune Boost

When you feel that you have to prop up quickly your immune system, the widely available, effective strategies should be mentioned.

Vitamin C – 1,000mg hourly over two days when awake
Vitamin D – 5,000 IU daily for a few days
Zinc – 20 mg to 50 mg per day (keep it below 100 mg), Zinc is a known immune booster. Reduced zinc in the diet compromise the function of lymphocytes (CD4 and CD8 T-cells), natural killer (NK) cells, neutrophils and macrophages.
Omega-3 fatty acids modulate the immune functions and reduce inflammation
Folic Acid – is important to increase the number of (CD8 T-cell) lymphocytes
Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the activity of both the CD8 T-cells and the natural killer cells
Vitamin B6 and Selenium supports the activities of lymphocytes to produce messengers (cytokines)
Garlic – eat it regularly by compressing it with a spoon (eat it within one hour) or take the Allicin extract
There is a very long list of ingredients that has immune boosting properties. We had great results with our StemDetox that has 55 unique ingredients.
Emotional Stability is important to achieve for better health and to boost the immune system. Fear and guilt should be dealt with, often as a first step for some before anything else is considered. This applies both for short and long-term immune boosting.
Exercise daily up to the point when you can hardly speak and walk, cycle or run in nature. A thousand steps after dinner is a good goal to achieve (but check first with your doctor if you change your exercise or diet habits). Exercise increases your blood and lymph flow throughout your body.
Fast – extend your overnight fast by having your first food after 10AM and by finishing your dinner by 7PM (this way you would fast for 15 hours that has huge metabolic advantages, including the natural release of ketones.
Water – drink plenty of clean water from the time you wake up to later in the evening
Regular rest – ensures that your body has the strength to fight off any invader
Wash Your Hands often to reduce the exposure and spread of invaders to your mouth and nose.
Sugars – sugars profoundly suppress the immune system (by about 1/3).
Carbohydrates – sugar spikes, triggered by certain carbohydrates, damage not only the brain and organs but also the immune system
Processed Food – also weakens the immune system. Instead, fresh, organic food is preferred
Grains – should be avoided if they contain gluten. There are many people who are gluten sensitive without being aware of it.

2) The Most Robust Immune System for a Healthy and Long Life Can Be Built Over Time

Unless the three major threats to the immune system,

A) the toxic load,
B) the pathogens, and
C) nutritional imbalances

are properly addressed, the immune system would remain weak for life and its decline would be accelerated.

Oradix emphasizes a global immune boosting strategy. This strategy includes a series of preventive measures such as reducing the toxic load, controlling the pathogenic biofilm communities, de-calcifying the blood vessels and organs and specific nutrients (immunonutrition) should be maintained as we age. As a result of the previous actions, chronic inflammation is reduced, the maintenance of healthy body weight, normal blood pressure and insulin resistance is better achieved.

Detoxification / Chelation with ‘Triple Actions’ Ca-EDTA

Since the Second World War, IV EDTA chelation was widely used by millions of people. Now a new and better form is available, a rectal suppository delivery system that has many benefits. It can be administered at your home, it is used overnight – the most important time when the natural detoxification goes on, and it is more economical, compared to IV.

Ca-EDTA is highly beneficial as it is not only able to

A) free up the immune system to its full potential, but also
B) attacks biofilms plus the bacterial membranes, and
C) turns antibiotic resistance bacteria into drug (or herb) sensitive again.

These unique, ‘triple actions’ are rarely talked about, yet, propels Ca-EDTA into the most coveted group of tools we have both to jumpstart and to maintain wellness and a high quality, disease free life.

Glutathione supplementation should be mentioned here also since glutathione is the body’s natural, most important antioxidant. As we age or if we encounter a chronic condition or whenever we have inflammation, the glutathione reserve is depleted and outside supplementation is warranted. While EDTA specifically removes toxic heavy metal, glutathione removes all, we repeat ‘ALL’ toxins from everywhere.

The combined, synergistic effects of EDTA and glutathione, found in ToxDetox, is an outstanding way to help the body in its need and to maintain healthy cellular functions everywhere. ToxDetox is also a nutritional industry ‘first’ as no other product provide this unique synergy with professional strength ingredients. ToxDetox is 3.8 times more effective than using EDTA only or Glutathione only and the liver enzymes are not being elevated that typically happens with EDTA only application.

ToxDetox is much more effective, safer and more economical than other choice of professional strength options.


Fasting has a long list of important benefits, beside helping us achieve a balanced weight. Being overweight is immunosuppressive.

Fasting changes our metabolism into a ketogenic one and also helps opening up the biofilm communities (we ‘starve them’ and by having access to the hiding pathogens we can kill them).

Release yourself from the believe that you have to eat from early morning to late night.
You don’t have to.

Cyclical fasting has many-many benefits.

A good start is to drink a glass of water with some fresh lemon squeezed into it as you wake up and entirely skip your breakfast. Eat your first food after 10AM and stop eating after 7PM. You could have the same, presumable healthy food as you had before. If you achieve this, you actually extend the normal and natural overnight fasting maybe by an extra six or eight hours to 15 hours.

This would be a huge achievement that would trigger the release naturally the ketones we have in our body without going to a store and buying coconut oil or MCT oil. The body starts producing a higher level of ketones after a fast of eight to ten hours. Bu fasting for fifteen hours you achieve your goal and change your body metabolism.
Fasting switches our body over from a mainly glucose based metabolism to a ketone based metabolism. And ketones actually generate more ATP, more energy units than what glucose would generate.

Anti-Biofilm Strategies

Biofilm science is fast emerging as the most important key to understand how to deal with the increasing threat posed by pathogens that can’t be controlled with conventional methods or antibiotics.

Why 1 in 25,000?

One of our favorite studies was done in Switzerland. The famous Swiss study pointed out that EDTA chelation reduced cancer mortality by a staggering 90% over 18 years. Death from atherosclerosis was also reduced.(1)

Let’s think about these outstanding results.

If cancer is all in the genes – and not the result of a weakened immune system, weakened by toxins and pathogens, than chelation shouldn’t change at all the outcome after chelation.

The good news is that chelation with its ‘triple action’ frees up and boost the immune system like nothing else.

Another report is even more striking.

Dr. E.W. MacDonagh who was the founding member of the International Academy of Preventative Medicine has chelated approximately 25,000 patients when he noted that contrary to national stats, which show the incidence of cancer is one in three (suggesting that 7,500 of his patients should have contracted cancer) but among those who did not have cancer before visiting his clinic, only one has ever later been diagnosed with the ailment.(2)

Why would anybody hide these results?
Why would a weakened immune system, occasionally boosted when in despair, remain the standard way to deal with health issues?

The critical steps of deep cellular detoxification, the anti-biofilm strategies and the changing of diet can put you on a path of achieving a very strong immune system for life.

We invite you to discover a new type of freedom and wholesale wellness.


1) Ninety Percent Reduction in Cancer Mortality after Chelation Therapy With EDTA – (the famous Swiss study)

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