I want to thank Dr. Janossy for providing his ToxDetox and other chelation suppositories – they are excellent!

I have been very ill for most of my adult life, I am 57 years old now. I had 4 different “careers” throughout my life, and with each one my body would give out in the areas I was stressing it. In Baking I developed “white lung” due to flour sensitivity, carpal tunnel due to the vigorous use of my hands and tore the ligaments loose in my feet from standing on hard floors so long each day. As a mechanic it was carpal tunnel and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. As a Computer Network Technician it was migraines and seizures. Each time I would be off work a year or so and back at another type of job, except this last one which I have yet to recover from enough to go back to work. However, I am recovering significantly from a myriad of symptoms, most notibly are the level of pain I have lived with for the past 14 years (and to a lesser degree most of my adult life) and the utter exhaustion of anemia. I have been diagnosed with FMS/CFS, asthma, psoriasis, IBS, crones, severe Candida overgrowth, absence seizures, neuropothy, severe brain fog, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, red blood cell shape disorder (more on this one later), etc. etc. Most importantly, however, is the heavy metal and toxin load in my body (AND YOUR’s) that did not get diagnosed from a traditional doctor.

Why does this matter? I want to show the degree of damage to my body so, hopefully, you will have hope that you too can regain, at least some of, your health.

I started working on farms at age 12, and I loved the work for the most part. Back then, everyone was told that the chemicals, fertilizers, etc. we were using were completely safe. None of us; farmers, workers, field men, field scientists, etc. used any safety gear at all. No masks, no gloves, and certainly no body suits. I was washed thousands of times with the chemicals I was spraying and deploying and had the concentrate (usually 1 -2 pints per acre) spilled on me hundreds of times. NOTE see the book, “Fateful Harvest” by Duff Wilson. The review is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fateful_Harvest, and the original Investigative Articles at the Seattle Times archives. This is the town I grew up in. You will find a ring of serious illnesses surrounding all such towns that use heavy amounts of chemicals. Add to this the fact that we, as a nation, are using our fields as a dumping ground for industrial wastes such as heavy metals. Of course, these toxins and heavy metals in up in the food we all eat.

It is the heavy metals that produce, in the bone marrow, the misshapen RBC’s, that then cause the anemia. I had testing done years ago by the founding doctor of New Zealand’s “Red Blood Cell Research Center,” which is not there anymore. He (can’t remember his name) showed directly through using a scanning electron microscope that the shape disorders (he identified 6 distinct types) directly caused a sickle cell anemia-type disease. What he did not know was the cause, which is emphatically heavy metal and toxin load on the body.

As I take Dr. Janossy’s suppositories my symptoms continue to improve. I have tried over 200 therapies over the past 14 years. Many of them good ones, but would work for a while and then stop – as if a switch had been thrown. This is different! My health continues to improve, albeit painfully slowly. However, I am severely sick. It is helping me – it will help you, period. I have never said this about any other remedy, treatment, etc. I am this confident. This chelation attacks the root of the problem! It does not mask symptoms, cover anything up – it gets to the root.

As an example, if I mow my front lawn today I am only mildly more sore the next day. Six months ago to do the same thing it would have taken 3-6 days to recover to what I now experience the next day. That is awesome, and it is not fleeting, it is approximately the same each time and improving.

Over the years I have tried anything to get rid of the severe candida overgrowth I have, but none was effective. As I chelate, the candida is declining. This is huge for me! I had 18 cases of Pneumonia or Bronchitus over about 10 years and was given 22 or 23 course of powerful antibiotics for these (several times the lesser antibiotics would not do the job, and another course was used). My gut was ruined, and Candida took over. I still have asthma, but it it declining slowly but surely as I continue to chelate.

I have given up hope of improving over and over again as my hopes of getting well were dashed again and again. If you are ill, you know what I mean. I thank God Almighty for leading me to oradix.com! I don’t know how much longer I will need to chelate before I can regain a productive life, but I can seriously see it on the horizon! Week-by-week I see improvement in my symptoms.

Dr. Janossy also suggests a diet about 50% in raw vegetables and fruits. My diet is about 80% in raw foods. Our standard North American diet is so processed it is practically inert – just calories with no nutrition. Our bodies need real nutrition in order to heal, in addition to detoxifying. I know this sounds strange to the American mind, but we are living in a toxic candy dish of very harmful, toxic junk that tastes good to our toxic taste buds.

I have had intravenous chelation before a few times and can say that Dr. Janossy’s product, ToxDetox, is far more effective, more convenient and less expensive (by a factor of 7-8) by far than the IV route.

Thank you for bearing with me.

Rory W.

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