“My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people… for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine.”
– Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD

In the midst of economic uncertainties and political upheaval, it has never been more important to make intelligent, cost conscious decisions.  To do that, we have to remain fit, healthy and have to (re)gain the ability for quick decision making.

If you’re looking for the one product with the broadest positive health effects, pick chelation, the first ‘anti-aging’ product.

Chelation, especially with the superior and low cost Detoxamin (compared to the inferior and high cost I.V. chelation), remains one of the best investment you can do to improve your overall well being.

…‘After reading about how many other things this product [Detoxamin] had done for so many people, I decided to try it myself. It stabilized my b pressure without losing a pound. It returned my eyesight. I can now read my novels again without glasses. It stopped the soreness after workouts and increased my energy.
Other friends had amazing results with b pressure, prostate issues, clogged arteries clearing and general health.
…it is no wonder that this product that removes metals, helps so many things feel better in my body.
I am now losing weight and feeling great! Thank You!!!’
– K. Garabedian

I review the results of an important Danish study (this is NOT a ‘politically’ motivated US study!) that appeared in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine (Vol.6,#3,93):

Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy in Arteriosclerosis: A Retrospective Study of 470 Patients

Cardiovascular Disease: – One in Three has it!

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Western societies.  More than one in three people have this medical condition.  If you have at least three persons in your household, – at least one of you have cardiovascular disease, – based on statistics alone.
While exercise and good nutrition are important to combat cardiovascular disease, chelation is very beneficial.

The study authors reported that subjective improvement in coldness of feet, increased energy and work capacity, together with striking improvement in general condition were noted by most patients. Several of the male patients reported improved sexual potency, improved sight and hearing, and symptoms like migraine and tinnitus disappeared as an unexpected bonus for many patients.

In the study:

  • Of the 265 patients with Myocardial Ischemia, 241 were improved
  • Of 65 patients referred for Bypass Surgery, 58 did not require it after their course of chelation
  • Of 381 patients undergoing Heart Working Capacity Assessment, 271 showed improvements (85%)
  • The average blood pressure decreased
  • Of 262 patients with Intermittent Claudication, 216 were improved. Within this group, the following results were achieved:
    • a) Of the patients referred for Amputation, 24 of 27 legs were spared following their course of chelation, but only those who had more then 30 chelation treatments (this is equivalent of having approximately more than three cylinders of Detoxamin). …Do you have diabetes?
    • b) 83% of patients had reduced Rest-Pain
    • c) Wound Healing improved in 66% of patients (…Do you have or do your parents’ have a poorly healing wound?)
    • d) Foot-temperature improved in 80% of patients (…Do you have cold feet or cold hands? I did have cold hands and feet, before I took Detoxamin.  It bothered me in my winter sport activities.)
    • e) 87% of patients experienced increased Walking Distance
  • 91% of patients improved who had Angina Pectoris
  • 91% of patients reduced Nitroglycerine use. Of 207 patients using nitroglycerine, 189 reduced their consumption. Most of them were able to discontinue its use altogether.

Of the 470 patients, the overall results were also impressive.

  • 371 patients had improved Overall Wellbeing, a 88% improvement (…This is a powerful result!  I don’t know of any other product or protocol that could achieve a solid 88% improvement in wellbeing like chelation.)
  • Energy/Initiative improved in 319 patients, 86%  (… Do you need more energy?)
  • Problems with Vertigo improved in 76% of patients
  • 67% of patients had improved Memory (…You would have difficulties to find a better way to improve your memory than with chelation)
  • Medicine consumption was reduced in 66% of patients (I suspect that this is also a reason why pharmaceutical companies, jointly with the FDA fight against chelation)
  • 65% had improved Hearing (…What else could achieve this high percentage? Do you have your parents hearing difficulties?)
  • Visual Sense was improved for 60% of patients. (Imagine if chelation is done in combination with the special nutrients, typically used for improving the eyesight)

The Danish authors concluded that ‘since there is massive evidence that the spontaneous
development of arteriosclerosis is the number one killer disease in the Western World,
there is every reason to hasten to increase our efforts to bring this important therapy into mainstream medicine as soon as possible.’
Reference: http://heavymetaldetoxnj.com/chelation-articles/

My favorite study was done in Switzerland.
Ninety Percent Reduction in Cancer Mortality after Chelation Therapy With EDTA
Walter Blumer, M.D. and Elmer Cranton, M.D., Journal of Advancement in Medicine. Vol 2, # 1/2, Spring/Summer 1989

Imagine a world when 90% of the people who has cancer would live a normal life without fear of death’ after a series of chelation.

This is why I’m on a maintenance Detoxamin dose (taking one suppository on Wednesdays) for the rest of my life. It’s part of my strategy to avoid getting a terrible malignant disease.

EDTA against Candida? – YES!

I’m the first one to shed some light on this EDTA – Candida link.  I think that many of EDTA’s not yet explained benefits are actually atttributed to its very strong anti-candida effects.  In fact, EDTA had the strongest anti-candida effects in the following study.

The effect of ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid on Candida albicans. Sen, B. H.; Akdeni̇z, B. G.; Deni̇zci̇, A. A.; Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and Endodontics 2000 Vol. 90 No. 5 pp. 651-655)

It’s clear to many of us that the FDA and other regulatory authorities will fight against chelation, – I think, exactly because it is so beneficial. In our strange world it’s a badge of honor to be singled out by the FDA and Health Canada!

Free Shipping
Oradix.com was lucky since we managed to transfer all of our products safely from Canada to our warehouse in Michigan when Health Canada shut down our Canadian operation.  Now we can provide free shipping across North America – (and worldwide if the total is over $399.00). We successfully ship to Canada all of our products without charging any taxes or any shipping costs.  Actually, Canadians are better off now as they order from us.

Do more for your health then ever!  We all need clear thinking and a disease free life as part of our readiness to face life’s mounting challenges.

Wishing you health and peace in our crazy world,

Dr. Thomas Janossy


“I’ve seen elevated levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in the vast majority of my patients who have had random bl samples screened for the presence of these metals. The most reliable, effective and economical method of detoxification is, without question, Detoxamin chelation suppositories. I treated over 500 of my patients with Detoxamin with excellent success over the past five years. Considering its ease of use with self-administration, convenience, and safety, I truly believe Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice.”<span class="su-quote-cite"> Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD, Tustin, CA</span>

“Detoxamin has pretty much saved my life. I have used 90 suppositories over the past year and it has cleaned out my femoral arteries (which had been 60-70 percent blocked) and my carotid arteries that were blocked as well. My bl pressure has gone from 140 to about 110 and I no longer need to take my bl pressure medication. My cha-lest erol numbers have dropped as well!”<span class="su-quote-cite">Jack Yates, Vashon, WA</span>
“About 6 weeks ago I had an eye exam at the VA and was told my eyesight was 20/75. The other day they did the test again and said I was 20/20. The only thing I did different in that time was use Detoxamin.
They have also cancelled my prescription for night time glasses, they said I don’t need them anymore.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Efraim Xirinachs, Davey, FL</span>

“I have 87-year-old patient who has 85% blockage in two coronary arteries. Doctors would not operate due to the high risk of his medical condition. He couldn’t walk out to mailbox without suffering symptoms of angina. After a few months on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, he can now mow the lawn without any symptoms of angina or numbness in his arms. Another patient has high mercury and lead content in his body. After one month on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, his levels were reduced by 50%. This was confirmed by independent lab tests.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Dr. James Bentz, Anacortes, WA</span>

“My clients have been thrilled with the results of the Detoxamin chelation suppositories. Many of my clients have been interested in chelation therapy but found the cost and the time to be prohibitive. Detoxamin has made these concerns non-issues.
Most of my clients have a noticeable increase in energy. Many no longer have the afternoon slump or no longer need naps. Of particular significance have been the positive effects experienced by my older male clients with prostate issues.
One 62-year-old man was literally getting up every hour at night to urinate. It was so bad that he was considering ‘to remove it’. After just one dose of Detoxamin, he would awaken at 4AM to urinate and go back to sleep until his normal waking time.
I feel that the benefits Detoxamin has to offer improves my clients’ health at a deep cellular level, and that they will continue to benefit from it for the rest of their lives. No other product can do that for them.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Dr. Judyth Shamosh</span>
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