‘I would be less than appreciative if I neglected to tell you that you are a lifesaver to me.
About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the way they phrased it the aggressive kind. It was present in fourteen separate biopsy samples. They vacillated about whether chemotherapy would be apropos, but I made it easy for them to decide. I refused chemo. By the time more tests were run and conferences were held it metastasized to the right hip joint and I needed crutches to walk. I could not get up out of a chair without help. Then, to further complicate matters I developed cancer in another location, totally unrelated, but glaringly obvious. This new location was the peritoneum; again the diagnostics and conferences began and finally they gave up and told me they could find nothing, and could do nothing more for me. I suggested exploratory but they didn’t want to do that.
This brings us to April 2002, when I was visiting with a stockholder in your company, whom I have known for many yeas past and have a high regard for him. But when he told me he could pull me out of this quagmire in six to eight weeks, I was understandably skeptical. Being considered terminal isn’t all that alarming, but the turn around has been wonderful.
I began the EDTA suppositories treatment on a Tuesday, April 16, last, and by Saturday I could notice a slight betterment. I went off all my pain medication immediately, because I want to know the truth. Within a ten-day period the pain had subsided and has not recurred. The peritoneal distention is markedly receding and I am looking forward to my standard waist size of 34 instead of the high point I reached in mid April of 48 inches. (and they couldn’t find the problem!!)
I have already recommended this treatment to several of my friends and will be more than happy to answer any inquiries from anyone interested. Incidentally, I am not squeamish at the thought of addressing a group of people either; whatever I can do to promote this outstanding treatment, I stand ready to do it.’

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