‘l have to admit that when I was approached to conduct a clinical trial on EDTA chelation suppositories I was both curious and skeptical. I forewarned the patients about all of the possible side effects and complications in their consent form, but did not mention the benefits. Surprisingly, a few weeks into the study, I started getting unsolicited phone calls and e-mails from study participants commenting on improvements in vitality, mental clarity, strength, hair texture, skin elasticity, coordination to name a few.
One of my patients, a Catholic priest, had had problems with abnormal platelets, which no practitioner, including our Living Longer clinic, had been able to correct. Approximately one month after starting the EDTA suppositories he called me with great delight stating that for the first time in over a decade his platelets had normalized and continue to be normal after several months!
I’m not sure that I understand the mechanism but I surely am pleased with the results. I feel that EDTA suppository can definitely be a useful tool in the removal of heavy metals.’

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