Dear Dr. Janossy, I am writing to let you know what a difference your EDTA product made to my daughter when treating her Grave’s disease. We determined to manage her Grave’s with herbal and nutritional support as well as diet changes. I had her testing for heavy metals and she was high in cadmium, mercury and lead. She suffered with muscle weakness in her large thigh muscles and I found that this might be helped with the addition of copper and so we did.

I sent her your EDTA 1.0 suppository and she began using these every other nights. It made a tremendous difference in her thyroid difference and eye swelling. If she tried to use them every third day, she started to get some swelling back. She felt that this was the most effective thing she was doing. Later I learned about the theory of Grave’s disease being a copper deficiency syndrome (see Cadmium, particularly, binds copper so we had hit on the copper supplementation and the cadmium chelation quite by chance. Later, I learned that lipomas are also associated with copper deficiency. Shortly before the hyperthyroid symptoms kicked in, she had a lypoma emerge on her back that she had surgically removed. She is recovered now. She is hypothyroid and able to work and function as she had before.

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