‘My clients have been thrilled with the results of the EDTA chelation suppositories. Many of my clients have been interested in chelation therapy but found the cost and the time to be prohibitive. The suppositories has made these concerns non-issues.
Most of my clients have a noticeable increase in energy. Many no longer have the afternoon slump or no longer need naps. Of particular significance have been the positive effects experienced by my older male clients with prostate issues.
One 62-year-old man was literally getting up every hour at night to urinate. It was so bad that he was considering surgery. After just one dose of EDTA suppository, he would awaken at 4AM to urinate and go back to sleep until his normal waking time.
I feel that the benefits EDTA suppository has to offer improves my clients’ health at a deep cellular level, and that they will continue to benefit from it for the rest of their lives. No other product can do that for them.‘

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