The Anti-Biofilm Protocol has made a huge difference in my life

I have been on the Anti-Biofilm Protocol for 3 months now and the quality of my life has increased dramatically. I endured 5 years of intense symptoms including vertigo, Supraventricular Tachycardia, cervicogenic headaches, drop attacks, chronic neck pain and diminished lung capacity upon exertion. When I was finally diagnosed with ectopic calcification of the connective […]

After three weeks, the warts started to gradually disappear

For the past few years, I have been suffering from viral warts on my hands, with several failed attempts at having them removed through freezing and various lotions etc. I started taking your EDTA chelation product and after three weeks, the warts started to gradually disappear, and after 6 weeks they had completely gone. It […]

I feel renewed in the stomach area

I feel renewed in the stomach area, as I was diagnosed some time back with a hernia. But, the tightening in the stomach and the loss of additional fat in the cells there too has left me feeling much different than before. I attribute this to the combination of healing and fat removal from the […]

I’m not tired any more, I’m in a good mood

I work in a Casino and it tires me after working for 24 hours, also draining in my mental capacity. I was always tired and uninterested to do anything. I had psoriasis, headache, and painful joints and couldn’t sleep well. However, since I take your EDTA chelation product, everything became different. I feel much better. […]

I have much more energy and I feel great

I started to take your EDTA chelation product five weeks ago. Within the first two weeks I experienced some of the side effects of detoxification (headache, increased bowel movements, being tired), but it is over by now. I have much more energy and I feel great. When the question comes: ‘How are you?’ – I […]

I definitely feel lighter inside

I’ve started to take your EDTA chelation product only two weeks ago. However, I already experienced such profound changes that I’ve never had. I’m not hungry, and I don’t desire chocolates and carbohydrates, yet, I was dying to have these daily. I eat less now and I’m not hungry. I don’t really know if I’ve […]

I’m not tired any more after eating something

I’m 33 years old and I went through a cleansing protocol 6 years ago. In spite of this, I had some headache and extra tiredness at the beginning. But these were lifted in a month and a half. I’ve lost 4 kilos in about 7 weeks. I feel much better and I take care of […]

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