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Through our Wholesale Program, Health Business Owners, Practitioners and Distributors enjoy substantial savings on bulk purchases of select products.

By joining our Wholesale Partners Program, you have the ability to provide your patients and clients with Dr. Janossy's high-quality, professional grade supplements that have helped make a leader in detoxification and rebuilding.

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Did you know that

Dr. Thomas Janossy

  • Dr. Janossy set up the first (and still only) Adult Stem Cell Test opportunity at the world-famous University of Toronto Stem Cell Lab where the very first methodology for stem cell test was researched and published. Finally, this important bio-marker for ageing and well-being became available for clinicians and individuals interested to know about their stem cell levels Previously only scientists had access to these tests.
  • Oradix sold hundreds of thousands of Detoxamin suppositories over more than ten years, - becoming one of the most passionate proponents of chelation suppositories over I.V. chelation or oral chelation due to convincing scientific research and clinic/patient feed-backs?
  • Dr. Janossy formulated StemDetox, ToxDetox, StemEssentials, StemGlyco, and StemSupreme Morning and Night?
  • ToxDetox is the first and only suppository with the highest level of glutathione plus Ca-EDTA?
  • EDTA 2.0 has the highest level of Ca-EDTA available in a suppository form?


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