Earn 6% Cash Back with Oradix Reward Points

On every order you automatically receive Oradix Reward Points in the amount of 6% rewards cash for every dollar spent.


For example, if you have a $300.00 order, you will earn $18.00 in rewards points
above and over the other savings and discounts!

You can turn your points into free money on your next order or later as you accumulate more points
with every purchase.
You would still earn more free money on the very same order you are redeeming points on!
To see your points now, log in to your account and click on your name at the top corner of the page.
If you don't have any points yet, just start shopping!


Collect, view, use your Oradix Reward Points:


On each product page you will see an orange box with reward points information
Reward Points information below product
During the checkout the orange box shows your received points
Reward Points information below your cart
To redeem your points login to your account
Account sign in
Upon successful login click on your name to see your account page
Access your account
On your account page look for the "My Oradix Reward Points" menu item
Your Reward Points
On your Reward Points page you can review your collected and used points. For instant use you can convert your points to a coupon which can be used at the checkout
Collected Reward Points
After the coupon has been generated you will see its validity and value
Reward Points & Reward Point Coupons
It will automatically appear for you during your checkout
Validate your cuopon at the checkout


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