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(related to Ca-EDTA chelation suppositories)Dear Dr. Janossy, I am writing to let you know what a difference your EDTA product made to my daughter when treating her Grave's disease. We determined to manage her Grave's with herbal and nutritional support as well as diet changes. I had her testing for heavy metals and she was high in cadmium, mercury...

(related to Ca-EDTA chelation suppositories)

Dear Dr. Janossy, I am writing to let you know what a difference your EDTA product made to my daughter when treating her Grave's disease. We determined to manage her Grave's with herbal and nutritional support as well as diet changes. I had her testing for heavy metals and she was high in cadmium, mercury and lead. She suffered with muscle weakness in her large thigh muscles and I found that this might be helped with the addition of copper and so we did.
I sent her your EDTA 1.0 suppository and she began using these every other nights. It made a tremendous difference in her thyroid difference and eye swelling. If she tried to use them every third day, she started to get some swelling back. She felt that this was the most effective thing she was doing. Later I learned about the theory of Grave's disease being a copper deficiency syndrome (see Cadmium, particularly, binds copper so we had hit on the copper supplementation and the cadmium chelation quite by chance. Later, I learned that lipomas are also associated with copper deficiency. Shortly before the hyperthyroid symptoms kicked in, she had a lypoma emerge on her back that she had surgically removed. She is recovered now. She is hypothyroid and able to work and function as she had before.
Carol P., Madison, Wisconsin

'My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people... for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine.'
Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD

'I have referred several patients to use Detoxamin and several have had great results — but this one is amazing. An adult male, 84 years old, had a heart attack; he was told he had one completely blocked artery and 3 others that were about 75% blocked. The doctors sent him home basically to die, telling him that they could not help him. I put him on an enzyme and Detoxamin, and the results have been miraculous.
Within a few weeks he was alert and moving around again. Within one month his automatic pacemaker no longer went off and was not needed. His blood pressure normalized, and after a few more months his facial droop began to go away. He is now active and alert and doing amazingly well.'
Jed Adamson, ND, Twin Falls, ID

'I have 10 patients on Detoxamin and it is working great. Personally, I have been taking 40 milligrams of blood pressure medication to try and control my high blood pressure but it has not been working. My blood pressure has been in the range of 165/100, but after using Detoxamin for only 2 months, my blood pressure has dropped significantly to about 130/75.'
Ray Pearson, DC, Harrison, AR

'I have had numbing and tingling in my toes for the past 3-4 years and after using one container of Detoxamin I am seeing great improvement. I expect the numbing and tingling to completely go away with the use of Detoxamin. Also I don't know if it is related but my PSA in the same time frame has gone from a 3.8 to 1.3. '
Dr. David Hendrickson, Ogden, UT

'I have completed a three month treatment of Detoxamin chelation suppositories and I know they are working. I started using Detoxamin to see if it really works before I recommend it to my patients. I have more energy, my thought processes are clearer and I no longer have panic attacks. '
Dr. Tom Eyrich, Indianapolis, IN

'I have a patient who's blood pressure dropped 18 points after using Detoxamin for only one week.'
Dr. James Toole, Seattle, WA
'Results from Detoxamin chelation suppositories have been great. Patients are experiencing greater energy from using Detoxamin. Also several men have had their prostate problems cleared up after using Detoxamin.'
Dr. Robert Moody, Utah

'I had a 12-year-old girl that went from a straight-A student to a D student in 2 years. We tested her and she was found to have very high mercury content. She was also diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, a mild form of Autism. After using one container of Detoxamin chelation suppositories, her mercury content decreased and her grades went back up to straight A's.
Dr. Robert Schwartz, The Dalles, OR

'My clients have been thrilled with the results of the Detoxamin chelation suppositories. Many of my clients have been interested in chelation therapy but found the cost and the time to be prohibitive. Detoxamin has made these concerns non-issues.
Most of my clients have a noticeable increase in energy. Many no longer have the afternoon slump or no longer need naps. Of particular significance have been the positive effects experienced by my older male clients with prostate issues.
One 62-year-old man was literally getting up every hour at night to urinate. It was so bad that he was considering surgery. After just one dose of Detoxamin, he would awaken at 4AM to urinate and go back to sleep until his normal waking time.
I feel that the benefits Detoxamin has to offer improves my clients' health at a deep cellular level, and that they will continue to benefit from it for the rest of their lives. No other product can do that for them. '
Judyth Shamosh, Doctor of Natural Health

'I have been diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer and have been experiencing difficulties urinating, and waking up repeatedly during the night. After the 6th suppository, I noticed that it was getting easier to urinate and I was sleeping thru the night. Now after 15 suppositories, it no longer hurts to urinate and I produce a full stream instead of a trickle.'
John Wagner, La Mesa, CA

'I have been using Detoxamin chelation suppositories for about two weeks now and feel that it is working great. The lethargy that I normally have has gone away, I am sleeping more soundly than ever before, and a persistent fungus on my toes has been subdued.'
Herman Christian, Chicago, IL

'A 71-year-old patient after one month on Detoxamin no longer has to take nitroglycerin for angina.'
Dr. Robert Meliodon, Huntington Valley, PA

'It has been quite some time since I have been in contact so I wanted to give you an update.
I previously related to you the improvement I had experienced in my pressure readings related to my glaucoma and just wanted to let you know that I have now been off the Xalatan eye drops for nine months. As of my appointment last week, my readings were actually better than they were six months ago. My ophthalmologist does not want to see me again for one year. As I told you before he doesn't know if this is strictly related to chelation because he has never had a patient with glaucoma who has also had seems to me this might be something that would be worth your research. As you know I am now on Detoxamin maintenance. Since I had been on prescription eye drops for the glaucoma beginning in the early 80s, this seems to be almost a miracle!!
Virginia M. "Monte" Akin, Texas

'The results that I have experienced from using one container of Detoxamin chelation suppositories are great. I am a construction worker and have had ongoing respiratory problems. But since I started taking the suppositories, my sensitivity to things like paint have decreased a lot. I am now able to breathe easier.'
Jim Todaro, Point Pleasant, NJ

'I have a patient who has been on Detoxamin for about 6 months and wants to stay on it longer because, in that time he has dropped down 4 holes on his belt and wants to keep the weight off.'
Dr. Cretti, Santa Barbara, CA

'l have to admit that when I was approached to conduct a clinical trial on Detoxamin chelation suppositories I was both curious and skeptical. I forewarned the patients about all of the possible side effects and complications in their consent form, but did not mention the benefits. Surprisingly, a few weeks into the study, I started getting unsolicited phone calls and e-mails from study participants commenting on improvements in vitality, mental clarity, strength, hair texture, skin elasticity, coordination to name a few.
One of my patients, a Catholic priest, had had problems with abnormal platelets, which no practitioner, including our Living Longer clinic, had been able to correct. Approximately one month after starting the Detoxamin he called me with great delight stating that for the first time in over a decade his platelets had normalized and continue to be normal after several months!
I'm not sure that I understand the mechanism but I surely am pleased with the results. I feel that Detoxamin can definitely be a useful tool in the removal of heavy metals.'
Maureen Pelletier, M.D., C.C.N.

'Has prostate cancer and has been on chemotherapy for a few years and his veins are getting calcified. After one month on Detoxamin his veins are now pliable and nurses have no trouble finding veins for injections. His intermittent claudication is improving dramatically.
Michael Baum, New York, NY

'I had had 80% blockage of my carotid arteries before using Detoxamin. After using just 60 suppositories, my blockage is down to 40% in each artery according to my doctor-administered ultrasound.'
John Scheuerman, Boxford, MA

'After using 15 Detoxamin chelation suppositories, the mercury in my hair sample before and after tests went from "off the charts" to almost zero. I am very pleased with the benefits of Detoxamin.'
Charles Scott, DC, Odessa, TX

'After two weeks on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, my blood pressure decreased to the point where I could stop taking my blood pressure medication. Also before and after hair tests, my mercury, lead and nickel all dropped down significantly to well below the preference range.'
Charles Peterson, Escondido, CA

'I have 87-year-old patient who has 85% blockage in two coronary arteries. Doctors would not operate due to the high risk of his medical condition. He couldn't walk out to mailbox without suffering symptoms of angina. After a few months on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, he can now mow the lawn without any symptoms of angina or numbness in his arms.
Another patient has high mercury and lead content in his body. After one month on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, his levels were reduced by 50%. This was confirmed by independent lab tests.'
Dr. James Bentz, Anacortes, WA

'Prior to starting chelation, I had critical stenosis [narrowing] approaching 99% in the right common carotid artery extending into the internal carotid artery. Following Detoxamin chelation suppository therapy, there is no stenosis of the right internal carotid artery. In addition my ophthalmologist has taken me off my Xalatan drops, which I had been using for glaucoma for several years.'
V. Akin, Texas

'It is now one month later and I have finished my first 30 days of Detoxamin. The pain in my feet is down to about 10% of what it was and my feet have gone from dry and flaky to soft and smooth. I have never seen anything like it and I have encouraged several friends to try it.'
Reuel Jones

'I have just finished my first month of Detoxamin chelation suppositories and my angina is down by about 90%. The tension headaches that I had from high blood pressure are gone. My once poor circulation had caused the soles of my feet to become bruised (black and blue), and the soles are now pink. Plus, my angina symptoms have disappeared. Detoxamin really seems to be helping.'
Barry Honeycutt, Texas

'I have taken IV EDTA for three years and the results from just my first two containers of Detoxamin are the same as from the long term IV treatment.'
Gary Ramshur, Bastrop, LA

'I was scheduled for surgery for intermittent claudication in both of my legs but I told the doctor I wanted to try Detoxamin chelation suppositories first. Boy am I glad I did! There is no more pain in my legs; Detoxamin is working great!'
Dawn Stair, Harahan, LA

'My hair had been cotton-white for a number of years. After only five Detoxamin chelation suppositories, it has turned black and silver. I have fibromyalgia and have had constant pain for years, but I wake up in the mornings now, and am pain free. I still have a little pain throughout the day, but it is far less than what it had been. I had pain in my legs when I try to walk, and now I can walk two miles without pain. I feel better now than I ever have. I can't say enough good things about this product.'
Francis Trotter, Martinsville, VA

'I have been using Detoxamin chelation suppositories for three months now and my blood pressure has gone from 200/86 to 136/60.
I am 81-years-old and I think Detoxamin is amazing. I used to have problems with my skin (rashes and itching) and I would have to use a lot of creams and lotions. Now I don't, because I no longer have problems with my skin.'
Polly Merle, Dallesport, WA

'I have had forty IV chelation therapy treatments, but Detoxamin chelation suppositories, have been more effective. After about fifteen of the chelation suppositories, I have much more energy and my blood pressure is steadily improving. With the IV chelation, I would feel better for a day or two. But with Detoxamin I feel good all of the time.'
Jerry Meeks, Eden, NC

'Letter from a patient to their doctor: I wanted to let your know how very grateful I am for your thoughtful diagnosis and loving support and understanding; and also to report how much using the Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories, in the treatment of my condition due to heavy metals, has meant to me… I am generally more related and ready to re-enter the human race. To say the treatment has helped to change my life would be no overstatement.'
L. Winchester

'I've seen elevated levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in the vast majority of my patients who have had random blood samples screened for the presence of these metals. The most reliable, effective and economical method of detoxification is, without question, Detoxamin chelation suppositories.
I treated over 500 of my patients with Detoxamin with excellent success over the past five years. Considering its ease of use with self-administration, convenience, and safety, I truly believe Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients' overall health that I've experienced in my 30 years of practice.'
Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD, Tustin, CA

'I have been suffering from heavy metal poisoning for a long time. I tried DMSA chelation for 18 months with no results. I started using Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories about three months ago and have had amazing results so far. I was nearly confined to a wheelchair due to the pain in my legs, but the pain is much, much better now. I had been experiencing severe pain in my entire body, but that has now been reduced. In addition, I had numbness and tingling that had been driving me crazy for a long time; it is also much, much better now. Detoxamin is working great.'
Katherine Chilcote, West Chester, PA

'Last month I finished a two-month regimen of Detoxamin and my Mercury level lowered drastically.'
Linda Deleskiewicz, East Berne, NY

'Detoxamin chelation suppositories detoxify in a low-cost, convenient manner; it's an effective way to effuse EDTA through the bowel walls and into the blood stream to clean toxic metals from cells in all areas of the body.'
Dr. Morton Walker, DPM

'Three years ago, I went to my doctor and did a chest scan. He told me I definitely had some problems and that I would need to come back every year for a new scan. I began taking Detoxamin, and after six months, went back to my doctor for another scan. He told me I was doing much better and that I no longer needed the yearly scan.'
Ron Romer, St. Peters, MO

'My husband and I are in the printing business and I have had trouble sleeping for years. After the first suppository I slept better than I have in 15 years.'
Jennifer Figueroa, Tucson, AZ

'Detoxamin has pretty much saved my life. I have used 90 suppositories over the past year and it has cleaned out my femoral arteries (which had been 60-70 percent blocked) and my carotid arteries that were blocked as well. My blood pressure has gone from 140 to about 110 and I no longer need to take my blood-pressure medication. My cholesterol numbers have dropped as well!'
Jack Yates, Vashon, WA

'I have had skin rashes for more than 15 years and have tried many things, but Detoxamin chelation suppositories seem to be what has really helped. I also have fewer headaches, my eyesight seems clearer and I am waking up with more energy in the morning.'
Michelle Clifton, Garrison, NY

'I am 76-years-old and have been taking IV EDTA since 1998 for macular degeneration. I have been using Detoxamin chelation suppositories for about one month now. I know that it is working because I have so much energy… it is coming out of my ears. I am planning on dropping IV EDTA and going with Detoxamin alone because it works so well. You have a customer for life. '
Alberto Garcia, Eagle Pass, TX

'I have two children (patients) with Aspergers syndrome. They have high lead content. I did a challenge to determine lead content then gave 30 suppositories, one every other day, and then performed another challenge. The lead content dropped dramatically in both children.'
Luc Maes, DC, ND, Santa Barbara, CA

'I'm getting great results with Detoxamin chelation suppositories. Patients have more energy, some are losing weight and they are sharper mentally. We use Darkfield to measure endocrine function and all patients on Detoxamin have improved endocrine function.'
Laz Bannock, ND, Santa Fe, NM

'I love Detoxamin chelation suppositories. When I use them I can feel an immediate improvement in my respiration. I am a senior citizen and when I go hiking outdoors, it feels as if I get stronger the longer I go. I really need this stuff.'
Joseph Schechter, Tucson, AZ

'I have been using Detoxamin for about two weeks and have had the most amazing results. I feel a "pulling feeling" from every major area of my body. I also am able to walk without a limp for the first time in 9 months due to extreme stiffness in my joints. I know I have a mercury problem but Detoxamin is definitely taking care of it.'
Brenda Finn, Williamsburg, PA

'Before I started Detoxamin I had blue veins in my legs and feet and the ones on the tops of my feet were very painful. So painful that I was not able to wear certain kinds of shoes. After 60 Detoxamin suppositories the blue veins are gone, they are now clear and the pain is all gone. I can wear any shoes I like. '
Carla Adams, Fort Worth, TX

'I have been using Detoxamin for four months…I am very satisfied with the results. My lead levels are down 75%...Tin levels are down about 47%, nickel is down 30%, mercury is down 60%. Cadmium is down 57% and antimony is down 37%
I have recommended your product to others. I have enclosed my hair analysis from ten months ago and my most recent one for comparison purposes. Thanks again. Your product really works.'
R. Pavsner, North Carolina

'About 6 weeks ago I had an eye exam at the VA and was told my eyesight was 20/75. The other day they did the test again and said I was 20/20. The only thing I did different in that time was use Detoxamin. They have also cancelled my prescription for night time glasses, they said I don't need them anymore.'
Efraim Xirinachs, Davey, FL

'Detoxamin is the only chelation suppository product on the market that has all of the following attributes: legal, safe, comfortable to use and has documented proof of its consistent effectiveness in its ability to chelate.'
Dr. Bruce W. Halstead, MD, Medical Advisor, World Health Products, Author of "The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy"

'Detoxamin has changed the field of chelation therapy. Rectal suppository EDTA broadens the field of EDTA chelation patients in every way. Now patients who were unable to come to the office regularly, patients with more advanced renal disease, and patients unable or unwilling to tolerate intravenous application of EDTA, are able to obtain chelation with as good or better results than the present IV method.
Safer, cheaper, more cost-effective, less invasive, and still more effective. What more is there to say? This changes the field of chelation therapy. Dr. Halstead again has to be acknowledged as a genius in the field.'
Dr. Erik Von Kiel, Total Health, Breinigsville, PA

'My husband and I have been using Detoxamin for about 4 months and we are very pleased with the results so far. My heart rate has gone from the 70s to as low as 52. It has not been below 70 for many years. Our daytime vision has improved greatly as well as our night vision.'
Vernon and Jane Synovec, Modesto, CA

'I just wanted to thank you for your product. I am finishing up my second month and I feel great. I have struggled with chronic fatigue for several years and have tried everything and I mean everything. Detoxamin is the first thing that has worked. I have much more energy and have been able to work out again, which is of course improving my health even more. I started to see results within the first week. Thank you so much for making a worthwhile therapy affordable!!'

'I am a healthy person but the main benefit I have seen from using only 15 Detoxamin suppositories is an increase in my overall energy level.'
Dr. George Courtright, Valley Vision Center, West Point, GA

'I have been using Detoxamin for six months and my energy level has gone up. I have had sinus problems and my sinuses are cleared up. Also I had some spots on my body that several doctors had been unable to diagnose, and those have cleared up. Detoxamin has worked very well for me.'
Jeanette Jordan, Long Point Medical, Houston, TX

'I have had pain in my feet and lower legs for years, mainly when I've awakened in the morning or after sitting for long periods. I thought it might be the start of arthritis. After two months on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, I have almost no pain at all. Also my gastrointestinal tract has dramatically improved.'
Carolyn Yakaboski, Farmersville, LA

'Within one month of using Detoxamin chelation suppositories, my blood pressure has gone from 145/96 to 120/80. I am a smoker and my lungs are clearing up. I would wheeze when I laid down for bed, and I no longer wheeze. I know it is the Detoxamin chelation suppositories because it is the only thing I am doing differently.'
Dr. Bob, Philadelphia, PA

'I have been using oral EDTA for some time now without much or any success. After using my second Detoxamin chelation suppository, the pain from my angina has noticeably lessened. I expected good results, but not this fast.'
Mike Bottomley, Clearwater, FL

'I would be less than appreciative if I neglected to tell you that you are a lifesaver to me.
About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the way they phrased it the aggressive kind. It was present in fourteen separate biopsy samples. They vacillated about whether chemotherapy would be apropos, but I made it easy for them to decide. I refused chemo. By the time more tests were run and conferences were held it metastasized to the right hip joint and I needed crutches to walk. I could not get up out of a chair without help. Then, to further complicate matters I developed cancer in another location, totally unrelated, but glaringly obvious. This new location was the peritoneum; again the diagnostics and conferences began and finally they gave up and told me they could find nothing, and could do nothing more for me. I suggested exploratory but they didn't want to do that.
This brings us to April 2002, when I was visiting with a stockholder in your company, whom I have known for many yeas past and have a high regard for him. But when he told me he could pull me out of this quagmire in six to eight weeks, I was understandably skeptical. Being considered terminal isn't all that alarming, but the turn around has been wonderful.
I began the Detoxamin treatment on a Tuesday, April 16, last, and by Saturday I could notice a slight betterment. I went off all my pain medication immediately, because I want to know the truth. Within a ten-day period the pain had subsided and has not recurred. The peritoneal distention is markedly receding and I am looking forward to my standard waist size of 34 instead of the high point I reached in mid April of 48 inches. (and they couldn't find the problem!!)
I have already recommended this treatment to several of my friends and will be more than happy to answer any inquiries from anyone interested. Incidentally, I am not squeamish at the thought of addressing a group of people either; whatever I can do to promote this outstanding treatment, I stand ready to do it.'
P. L. (Pat) Millaway, Corinne, UT

'The Detoxamin product is truly effective, modestly priced and very safe to use and as such, stands alone in the alternative health care arena. Thank you for putting this wonderful product within the grasp of many people who otherwise would never have had chelation therapy available to them as an option.'
Dr. Robert L. Meliodon, Huntingdon Valley, PA

'I have been on Detoxamin chelation suppositories for only one week, and all of the pain in my legs from fibromyalgia is gone. I can walk again without any pain.'
Dianna Ricker, Phoenix, AZ

'I began the Detoxamin treatment on a Tuesday, April 16, last, and by Saturday I could notice a slight betterment. I went off all my pain medication immediately, because I want to know the truth. Within a ten-day period the pain had subsided and has not recurred. The peritoneal distention is markedly receding and I am looking forward to my standard waist size of 34 instead of the high point I reached in mid April of 48 inches. (and they couldn't find the problem!!)'
P. L. (Pat) Millaway, Corinne, UT

Effective, Cellular Detoxification is an Art
Systemic, whole-body detoxification is a medical art. It's not taught at universities and can be fine-tuned only over the years in collaboration with many doctors and patients.
The Protocol uses the synergistic effects of herbs (StemDetox), glutathione (ToxDetox), and chelation (Ca-EDTA).
It's the right protocol for those who are serious about going through the absolute best, whole-body detoxification and rebuilding. We constantly upgrade the protocol by reviewing the latest medical research data and the experiences of practitioners.
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