Prevent.Pro - the all natural anti-viral, ant-bacterial

Prevent.Pro – the all natural anti-viral, ant-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal companion Prevent.Pro can replace StemDetox in our Detox Protocol Prevent.Pro was specifically developed to target bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and to disrupt the biofilms of pathogen communities Prevent.Pro’s ingredients were carefully selected for synergistic action when the protection of our body against pathogens is a priority.

Oradix SmartSelenium 1000

Oradix SmartSelenium 1000 is 1000 times less toxic than the widely available “simple” Selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral that has multiple functions. Oradix SmartSelenium 1000 is a unique molecular form of Selenium (bivalent-negative Selenium) incorporated in a molecule of fatty acid.

Oradix StopReabsorb (Activated Charcoal caps)

StopReabsorb (Activated Charcoal caps), 520mg per capsule, 60 caps Ultimate Support for Bowel Detoxification 520mg, 60 vegetable capsules Activated charcoal is a natural, insoluble black fiber (not absorbed from the gut) that absorbs toxic substances. Charcoal can stop the reabsorbtion of toxins from the colon.

Oradix ToxDetox – Glutathione & EDTA synergy

ToxDetox – Glutathione & EDTA synergy, with a free StopReabsorb bowel cleanse ToxDetox™ is a nutritional industry first – with never before available, professional strength reduced Glutathione (600mg) and CaNa2EDTA (1,600mg) in a cocoa butter based rectal suppository. As ToxDetox™ was researched and developed, a human study concurrently confirmed the powerful benefits of combined Glutathione […]

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