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Detoxamin; (30 X 1500mg Ca-EDTA), professional strength

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Product Description

Learn much more at www.Detoxamin.ca

(Are you a doctor? Apply for a wholesale account at www.oradix.com (right, upper line)

We have four new products to replace the old (750mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) Detoxamin line,
EDTA 2.0,
EDTA 1.0,
EDTA 0.5, all of these come with a FREE bowel cleanse (StopReabsorb),
and our oral chelator, StemDetox, remains our bestseller.
You can order these here on-line, if interested.

1) ToxDetox Glutathione, 600mg and CaNa2EDTA, 1,600mg synergy in cocoa butter base, with a FREE StopReabsorb bowel cleanse.
A novel, safe, and highly effective 'industry first' with its professional strength ingredients.
Comparable in effectiveness to about 30 IV chelation treatments due to the synergistic effects of glutathione and EDTA.

2) EDTA 2.0 2,000mg CaNa2EDTA in cocoa butter base, highest ever level of Ca-EDTA anywhere, with a FREE StopReabsorb bowel cleanse. We found that the 2,000mg is not high for most individuals - based on our safety and efficacy tests before this product was launched.
Priced much lower than Detoxamin 1,500mg (was US$239.00), even with the added StopReabsorb.
Comparable in effectiveness to about 20 IV chelation treatments.

2) EDTA 1.0 1,000mg CaNa2EDTA in cocoa butter base, preferred by most individuals, with a FREE StopReabsorb bowel cleanse.
Comparable in effectiveness to about 12 IV chelation treatments

3) EDTA 0.5 500mg CaNa2EDTA in cocoa butter base, best for children (and as a first step for those who are highly toxic), with a FREE StopReabsorb bowel cleanse.
Comparable in effectiveness to about 8 IV chelation treatments.


We sold the last Detoxamin in May, 2012.
The US FDA shut down the production and sale of Detoxamin.
Warning! Sadly, if anybody sells Detoxamin today, the US government can go after the doctor or clinic or the individual.


OLD INFORMATION ABOUT DETOXAMIN - for information purposes only

Thousands of doctors and clinicians worldwide used Detoxamin for deep heavy metal cleansing.

This package (Detoxamin 1500mg) is medically equal to about 16 IV chelation treatments at less than a third of the cost.*

Other Advantages:
70% less than IV EDTA chelation therapy
Non-invasive, no discomfort, no hassle
No inconvenient, time consuming doctor visits
Introduces less EDTA dosage, but lasts longer
Safer than IV EDTA
Decreases free radical damage caused by heavy metal toxins
Well-tolerated by adults and children
Enhances NO (nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide)

If you have used IV EDTA chelation before, you know absorption and bio-availability is the key to performance. If it's quality you are looking for, go with the proven leader - the one you can trust.

IV EDTA chelation, although very efficacious, is very expensive, invasive, time-consuming and inconvenient. All this puts this needed therapy out of reach for most people. Oral EDTA chelation products are poorly absorbed and Detoxamin fits today's lifestyle with its simple, convenient, gentle and efficient toxin removal. Our preferred chelation method of choice is due to the obvious convenience and affordability factor, but more importantly, to the extraordinary efficacy, safety and scientific validation through research.

How to Use Detoxamin Chelation Therapy:

Recommended Usage:
Use one suppository every other night before bedtime.
Use a good multiple vitamin product daily, together with fish oil (omega 3)
Take your minerals in the morning at least 5 hours before your bedtime administration of the Ca-EDTA suppository (to avoid competition between the toxins and the minerals for EDTA)

Drink plenty of fluids during your use of Detoxamin.
Use for at least three months. Best success comes after 6 months of use.
For maintenance, use one suppository weekly.

What to Expect: Most Detoxamin users notice an improvement in circulation first, usually within 2-3 weeks. Reports of increased stamina and energy are common. Also, warmer hands and feet and stronger sexual function in both men and women is reported frequently. Finally, after longer usage, 6 months or more, people with blocked arteries, heart disease, prostate issues and chronic fatigue have reported greatly improved health and wellness.

There are three strength of Detoxamins, 750mg, 1000mg, and the professional strength 1500mg. 
Some factors of the individual, such as weight, level of toxic load, natural capabilities for detoxification, might indicate the need for a higher or lower strength product.  Detoxamin is extremely safe and gentle.  There are no major side effects or drug interactions.
Even when, as part of our research, individuals took two 1500mg Ca-EDTA suppositories at the same time, there were no negative side effects.  Certainly, it doesn't mean that you can be careless or that we encourage anybody to take more than one single suppository.  We simply wanted to test the higher strength delivery as part of a safety test.
Over time, the feedback received from clinics clarified our view and by now we can state that even smaller adults can take the highest strength product if they wish.  There is no contraindications, based on weight only.  Children require a portion of a full suppository. This can be a half suppository or even smaller (one-third or less). Cut the suppository into smaller pieces with a clean knife if required.
Detoxamin is extremely safe and gentle.  There are no major side effects or drug interactions.
Always start with a half suppository over the first two weeks (or more).  Watch your body for signs of unusual discomfort, headache or tiredness.  While these "discomforts" are also positive signs that a large amount of toxins are excreted, try to keep the level of discomfort low by either keeping the half-suppository routine for many weeks or by skipping a day or two. 
Since every person has a different combination of toxins and a different rate of excretion that is changing over time, you should always remain in the driving seat by carefully listening to your body.
Typically the extra discomfort is over by the end of the second week.  Later you might still experience metallic smell of your urine but as the detoxification channels are opened up more in time, you will be able to excrete an ever larger amount of toxins since your kidneys and liver are detoxified as well (and a better detoxified liver or kidney will be able to excrete the toxins more efficiently).

Side Effects: Detoxamin is extremely safe and gentle. There are no major side effects or drug interactions. As you begin the chelation, you may feel more tired or fatigued for a few days. This should pass quickly.*

The toxins are leaving in sequence, based on their affinity list. It means that mercury (Hg) is removed first for weeks (and excreted mainly with the bowel movements) before this process tapers off and then larger amount of lead is removed for a while, etc.
You most likely remove the majority of your toxins if you take 4 to 6 Detoxamins, otherwise you might not remove at all a toxin that is further down on the affinity list, e.g. arsenic.

One Detoxamin jar is medically similar to about 10 IV chelations (750 mg),
the 1000mg strength is comparable to about 12 IV chelations and the 1500mg is to about 15 IV chelation.

The Importance of Toxic Removal

Mounting evidence suggests that environmental toxins are responsible for the exponential growth of chronic diseases, affecting our children, the elderly and others with compromised detoxification. Chelation with Detoxamin and/or StemDetox can help many of the ‘We Don’t Know the Cause’ diseases, such as ADD, allergies, Alzheimer’s, Autism, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and Parkinson.

Recent clinical case studies indicate that it's better to take Detoxamin for a month (or two) first. The standard amount of Detoxamin for successful detoxification is three boxes that is medically equivalent with 30 IV chelation. The more toxic you are the more Detoxamins you should consider taking. There are many people who had 50 or 80 IV chelation treatments. Detoxamin removes only the toxic heavy metals. While StemDetox removes less toxic metals, it has a wide spectrum and eliminates pesticides, PCBs, drug residues and other toxins as well, difficult to measure in blood or urine samples.

Once you take Detoxamin for a month or two, you should add StemDetox to the Detoxamin protocol. The detoxifying effects of Detoxamin helps the detoxification pathways to become healthier and more active (liver, kidney, lymph) and more able to detoxify the long list of (usually) unknown toxins the StemDetox helps to remove.

When would I need two or three cylinders of Detoxamin and when would I need more?
Aging is a life-long toxic accumulation. Every one of us carry toxins even though some of the tests (urine, blood, or hair) are not showing significant levels. It's important to know that there is absolutely no safe level of toxic heavy metals, such as lead, mercury or arsenic, in our body. They disrupt many biochemical processes and generate free radicals even when the toxic levels are very low and consequently, increase our antioxidant needs. It's much smarter to go after one of the major generators of the free radicals (the toxic metals) than taking an increasingly large amount of antioxidants as we age.

As a general rule, your age and your toxic load should dictate how much Detoxamins you would need. The older you are and the more (tested and known) toxins you carry, the more chelation should be considered. If you're a teenager, you would benefit from at least one Detoxamin box. If you're in your fourties, four boxes would be more appropriate. In your eighties, eight boxes of Detoxamins are suggested. Appearently, there is no limit in how much a person can take. Smart baby boomers turn to chelation for its strong rejuvenating effects, as they gain more energy, better circulation everywhere, and consequently better cellular nutrient uptake and detoxification. An absolutely healthy 93 years old medical doctor took over 3,000 IV chelations (it's like going through 9,000 boxes of Detoxamins).

A person younger than 35 years old and who has no known toxic load and never had cardiovascular problems, allergies or candida should consider taking two Detoxamin jars for preventative purposes.

Over 35 we tend to accumulate toxins much faster than how they are naturally excreated. For a person who has elevated toxins or some symptomps of cardiovascular disease or allergies or leaky gut or Candida infection - 4 Detoxamins are suggested.

There are good medical reasons why at least three Detoxamins should be taken (90 suppositories – that is medically similar to having 30 IV chelations from the 750mg strength). The toxic metals are excreted in sequence, mainly mercury is leaving the body for a week or two and as mercury tapers off, an other toxic metal, such as lead could be excreted in higher amounts for some time. If you take only one cylinder of Detoxamin, maybe your mercury is lowered but your cadmium or arsenic level remains unaffected. More toxic (or older) individuals should consider going through five, six or even more Detoxamins. It’s unrealistic to remove in a few weeks the toxic load you’ve accumulated over 40 or 60 years.

Why do the toxins leave in sequence, one after the other?
The affinity list of Ca-EDTA (towards the toxic metals) dictates the type of toxin removed first.
Ca-disodium-EDTA’s affinity list is shown below.
Please note that mercury is removed sooner than lead, etc.
Calcium or magnesium are removed only if Ca-EDTA is unable to find other metals higher up on the affinity list.
Consequently, the importance of mineral supplementation is increased over time as the chelation is going on for weeks and months and the toxic levels are decreased.

Ca-disodium-EDTA, the key ingredient  is a negatively charged ringlike compound with 4 negative charges that hold polyvalent metal ions in a highly stable, water-soluble form.
The strength with which each metal is held varies, in order of decreasing strength as follows:
and calcium++
The relative amount of each ion held by EDTA depends on each element's relative affinity, the strength of its bonding to tissue and transport proteins, and its concentration in plasma. The relative availability of a given element (e.g. increased lead in lead poisoning) plays a key role.
Every person has a different combination of toxins and different tissue and transport protein levels, resulting in some variations in their detoxifications.
In general, a preparation of EDTA containing an ion with lesser affinity will exchange that ion for one with greater affinity. EDTA will chelate a metal wich it has a greater affinity and release the one lower in the series. For instance, EDTA has a lesser affinity for sodium than for calcium. Thus, disodium EDTA will exchange its sodium ions for a calcium ion, and reduce hypercalcemia of malignancy in emergency situations [1,2]. Calcium-di-sodium EDTA (found in Detoxamin), will exchange its calcium for a metal higher up on the affinity scale and is approved for use in heavy-metal poisoning such as lead poisoning.
The postulated reason for lead binding to EDTA in preference to mercury, for which EDTA has a greater affinity, is that mercury is more tightly bound to tissue ligands by -SH (sulfhidril) bonds, or that it exists in compartments not easily available to EDTA. Copper and iron, also held more powerfully to EDTA even though they are also strongly bonded to tissue and transport proteins -- ferritin and transferrin for iron, and ceruloplasmin for copper [1].

Clinical study results confirm that mercury is safely removed by Detoxamin and excreted through the liver - bile - bowel movement route.
Most EDTA-metal complexes, with a biological half-life of 20 to 60 minutes, are excreted by the kidney.  Mercury is an exception as clinical studies confrirmed that mercury that mercury is safely removed by Ca-EDTA through the liver - bile - bowel movement route. This longer route might explain why the mercury often shows up in the second or third bowel movement after administering Detoxamin and not in the urine (causing the errenous conclusions that EDTA is unable to remove mercury.)
Rapid infusion of larger doses of disodium EDTA may cause acute hypocalcemia and tetany, weakening of cardiac muscle contraction, and arrhythmias, - as it has happened with IV chelation, but never happened when chelated with a Ca-EDTA rectal suppository.
This is actually why IV chelation is so time-consuming. The slow infusion (<15 mg/min) is a needed safety factor to have a "low symptome" IV chelation [1].

Detoxamin suppositories, administered at bedtime, are comparable to slow I.V. infusions. 
Another benefit of the bedtime administration is that the Ca-EDTA suppository enhances the naturally occuring detoxification that is the strongest overnight
It's often noted that the first urine in the morning has a metallic smell as an interesting sign of the excreted toxic metals.
Often, the first bowel movement is soft and extra gas is present as well.  These are regular symptoms of detoxification, especially if higher level of Candida is present in the gut.  Once the level of Candida is lowered, usually by 4 to 6 weeks of detoxification, both the occurance of extra gas and the softer than usual bowel movement becomes low again.
Keep in mind that you accumulated these toxins over many - many years.  It takes a couple of months to remove those toxins.

[1] Goodman A, Rail T, Nies A,Taylor P, eds. Goodman and Gilman\'s Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. New York, NY: Pergamon Press; 1990.
[2] Haynes RC. Agents affecting calcification: calcium, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, vitamin D, and other compounds. In: Goodman A, Rail T, Nies A,Tayior P, eds. Goodman and Oilman\'s Pharmacologic Basis of Therapeutics. New York,
NY: Pergamon Press; 1990:1500-1501.


"I originally ordered one box of detoxamin to see how it worked. I feel so much clearer and brighter. Now I've ordered 3 boxes." E.L., Nova Scotia

What the doctors say... "I've seen elevated levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in the vast majority of my patients who have had random blood samples screened for the presence of these metals. The most reliable, effective and economical method of detoxification is, without question, Detoxamin suppositories. I treated over 300 of my patients with Detoxamin with excellent success over the past five years. Considering its ease of use with self-administration, convenience, and safety, I truly believe Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients' overall health that I've experienced in my 30 years of practice." - Rita Ellithorpe, MD


“I had seen ads for Detoxamin many times in professional journals and although interesting, I was never moved to place an order. It was a personally devastating event that finally got me off the fence and caused me to order. Several months back, my best friend's dad was scheduled for "routine" bypass surgery. I had known this man for over thirty years and felt almost as if he was a father to me. He did not fare well with the surgery. The bypass procedure loosened arterial plaque causing multiple mini-strokes with dire consequences. It took more than three weeks for the man to regain partial consciousness and another three weeks before he could utter a few words. Six months has elapsed. He is now bedridden, confined to a nursing home, a paraplegic for all intents and purposes and there is little hope that he will ever come home. MRI of the brain shows several cerebral infarcts. It was this sad and unfortunate experience that finally caused me to try Detoxamin. When one sees such a tragedy, one cannot help but ask the question, what would I do in such a situation? Of course, the answer is to never allow a similar situation to arise in the first place. Time being of the essence, I decided to try chelation therapy with Detoxamin as a preventative and alternative to future bypass surgery, even though I have no symptoms of coronary artery disease at this time. It was just after one week of using Detoxamin that I began to notice a definite but somewhat unspecific benefit from the product. I just felt better, my mind seemed sharper and I felt a lift in spirits. After two weeks I noticed specific results in the form of marked improvement of chronic bronchitis. Both my lungs and nasal passages were dramatically clearer. After four weeks chronic muscle pain (fibromyalgia) was reduced by about eighty percent. In about eight weeks I noticed that my feet, which were always ice cold, began to feel warmer. To the point that I now walk around my home bare-footed, something I've not been able to do for years. With such astonishingly beneficial results, I decided to put those nearest and dearest to me on Detoxamin. My wife, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his wife and several good friends are now experiencing the benefits or Detoxamin. I am also recommending Detoxamin to my patients. I do not want to suggest that Detoxamin is a panacea for every imaginable chronic health problem but, interestingly, it appears that each individual not only experiences a common benefit but also an individual benefit. Perhaps this could be explained by the fact that different people may have been exposed to different types of heavy metals settling in different organs of the body, creating different and various symptoms. Removal of heavy metals from these organs, then, could reduce a myriad of manifestations. To me, there is no doubt that there are very few who would not benefit from the removal of heavy metals from their bodies with Detoxamin. The Detoxamin product is truly effective, modestly priced and very safe to use and as such, stands alone in the alternative health care arena. Thank you for putting this wonderful product within the grasp of many people who otherwise would never have had chelation therapy available to them as an option. - Dr. Robert L. Meliodon, Huntingdon Valley, PA


*Statements made here have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any dietary or nutritional supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using natural health products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision.

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Product Reviews

  1. revovery from high mercury

    Posted by No more fatigue on 9th Oct 2012

    I am past the chronic fatigue, yet have just tested high in mercury. I still have multiple food and chemical sensitivities still which I think is because of the toxic overload of the mercury. I never eat sushi, and don't eat much fish. However, I had a mouthful of mercury fillings. I have had them removed over the last few years, yet I still have too much mercury in my body.
    I was tested years ago for mercury and it didn't show up. However, my doc says that your body needs to be healthy enough to through it off or try to detox and mine wasn't healthy enough until now. So that is good news, my body is strong enough to start trying to eliminate the mercury. However, it needs help with it.Also, when you visit my site you will find a video that shows the vapors literally rising off teeth that have mercury fillings, so I am a big believer that they must be removed and by someone who is a professional at it. They need the right equipment or your body will absorb it. I was sick for weeks after having mine removed, every time. My problem was I didn't do my research and I trusted that my dentist knew the proper way to remove them. She didn't. Your suppository helped me lower my mercury levels. I love your site!

  2. The BEST among the Detoxamin products!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2011

    The flexibility is great as one can use only a portion of the suppository, if lower dose is required (e.g. for children), or the full dose if a deep and effective detoxification is the goal.

    Thank you for this amazing product!

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