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New Prostate Hope

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men. About 1000 men die of prostate cancer every week in the US.

Autopsies show that about half of men actually have undiagnosed "microscopic" prostate cancers.

The standard treatment choices--surgery, radiation, and hormonal therapy--have limited effectiveness at best and often lead to incontinence or impotence. And, for men who have their prostates removed, 35 percent find themselves dealing with the return of the disease within just five years. (And impotence can be added to the "side effects".)

Clearly, a fresh, research based approach is needed for prostate health. And until there is a 'cure' found for prostate cancer, it’s better to consider the latest discoveries.

Intense scientific research has recently led to a series of exciting new discoveries on prostate issues. Individually, the research results indicate a 50% to 80% effectiveness. However, the synergistic effects of the discoveries are the most promising for prostate health:
(1) Prostate Detoxification (removal of cadmium and other toxic metals) with StemDetox, plus ToxDetox or EDTA 2.0;
(2) Addressing the calcification of the prostate (ToxDetox or EDTA2.0);
(3) Anti-inflammatory effects (StemDetox, and ToxDetox due to its high level of glutathione);
(4) Bioflavonoids (StemDetox);
(5) Anti-oxidants to fight against free radicals (glutathione in ToxDetox plays a key role, however, StemDetox has also a long list of anti-oxidants);
(6) Natural (non-antibiotic) herbal anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-candida effects (StemDetox, and glutathione in ToxDetox boosts the immune system);
(7) Adult Stem cell Enhancer (StemSupreme); and
(8) Dietary and life-style changes: reduced sugar, elimination of junk food, daily exercise, daily green juices (fresh green leafs, plus some fruits).

The synergistic effects of the above points/products are profound. 
Consider taking StemDetox together with ToxDetox for a month or more to experience what these products can do for you.
As part of our prostate protocol, we suggested that you stay on these products for a minimum of two (or three) months.