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dtxm-w-01-95046-21175-zoom.jpg(As of May 5, 2012)
We sold the last Detoxamin. 

However, we have two new products that overshadow Detoxamin in several ways:

1)  EDTA 2.0, with the available highest level of CaNa2EDTA (2,000mg),
US$239.00 per box of 30 suppositories, and
One box of 30 EDTA 2.0 is comparable to about 20 IV chelations.

2) ToxDetox, with a novel, synergistic and highly effective and safer, reduced Glutahione (600mg) and CaNa2EDTA (1600mg),
US$169.00 per box of 15 suppositories
One box of 15 ToxDetox is comparable to about thirty (30) IV chealtions

The supply is limited. Call +1-416-588-9432 for getting any of these products (Mo-Fri, 10am-4pm, EST)


We are exposed to toxins every day, most importantly to heavy metal toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel and so on. By reviewing the scientific literature, we can safely say that there is a 100% chance that you have been exposed. We all take in heavy metals by simply living our lives, eating, drinking, breathing, brushing teeth, showering, cleaning, using makeup, driving, smoking, taking medications or even when we're vaccinated. Unfortunately, the excretion of toxins is usually slower than the accumulation, unless outside help arrives. Toxins, even at low levels, may damage your nervous, immune, cardio-vascular systems and even the reproductive systems (barren couples should think about detoxification... and married couples should consider it before conceiving a child!)

Toxins have been scientifically linked to placing you at risk for serious degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Autism, ADD and much more. Please research the subject, and you will find they are at the root of many of our health problems today if not not all of the chronic ones.

At Oradix.com, we acknowledge that the removal of heavy metals and other toxins is a vital element in your body’s ability to heal itself which is why we specialized on detoxification and cellular regeneration and revitalization. We believe that an integrated, whole-body detoxification is the most important step anybody could take for health and well-being. It's simply the best investment in healthy longevity. We offer solutions for you to rid yourself of these toxins.

New type of chelations (Detoxamin) are available now besides the more traditional (but ineffective) oral and (inconvenient, expensive and time-consuming) intravenous-IV chelations to remove toxic metals and other environmental toxins from the body. Detoxamin (Ca-EDTA) suppositories are safe, effective and medically equal to IV chelation. Detoxamin could eliminate visits to chelation clinics and saves 70% to 90% over IV.

StemDetox removes not only toxic heavy metals (less than Detoxamin), but pesticides, PCB's and other environmental toxins as well. The oral capsules of StemDetox is greatly appreciated by many who consider lowering the toxic levels in the body with an effective, safe and convenient way.

Click on the link below to learn more about Detoxamin and our Detoxification Protocol: